Clash Royale – What are Troll Decks?

If you have played a bit of Clash Royale in your time then its very likely that you have come across the term “Troll Deck”. Maybe you have been accused of using a troll deck or simply have heard other talking about the term. The problem with this term is the fact that it doesn’t really have a true definition. What makes a troll deck is a little vague. Certain cards don’t make a deck a troll but collectively a set of cards together do. Why? well this is the big question. The term troll on its own, in regards to the online community is for someone who’s goal is to provoke a reaction from other people. The urban dictionary cites the definition of troll as “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument”. When we are talking about Clash Royale of course this really cant be the case. However the part about being deliberately provocative maybe the key.

Why are certain decks considered troll decks?

Moving on from the description we now have to look in terms of the game. Clash Royale allows you to select 8 cards to battle with at any one time. They all cost different amounts and have different power and health statistics. The choice and the balance of the deck is key to winning. So why would any selection of 8 cards be considered a troll deck? Having read hundreds of posts and complaints about troll decks. Looked at many examples of what is considered to be a troll deck. I now have a fair idea about what the big problem with them are.

When selecting a deck of 8 cards, the normal way to look at it is to build a deck that you think will win most of the battles that are played. That’s the point isn’t it? trying to win? Troll decks on the other hand seem to only be able to win in very specific circumstances. Basically when your opponent lacks the ability to combat the one tactic that you have. This means that the troll deck doesn’t win very often but when it does win it will be very convincing and usually a 3 crown victory.

Troll Decks lack a second tactic. There will be no backup if plan A fails the match will be over. You might be thinking whats the point in these decks. But that is just it, the only real point of the deck will be to provoke a reaction from the opponent as they will feel it wasn’t really a fair battle. They will feel like they are being trolled. Basically had their time wasted by someone who isn’t really trying to play the game as intended. This is of course all a matter of opinion.

I have read a comment that the condition to being a troll deck is that the deck will only contain one card that is really capable of doing damage while the others are all defensive troops. To me this sounds a little bit like just a simple tactic. It does however fit in with the idea that a troll deck only has a plan A.

Examples of Troll Decks

Troll Decks come in various forms. they range from defensive style decks to all out attack that either fails and any counter attack gains victory or they overload the opposition and win in seconds. Other troll decks just have direct damage attacks and try to destroy your crown tower without really defending properly.

Spawn Deck – These decks utilize a great number of low elixir cost troops combines with a couple of troop producing buildings such as goblin/barbarian huts or the furnace/tombstone. Add to this the X-Bow or for a real trolling add the Princess for little trickle of constant damage from your side of the arena. Your opponent without the correct counters will have trouble taking care of the constant stream of troops coming in their direction while your Princess or X-Bow simply takes them down slowly.

Rocket Cycle – The Rocket Cycle deck is one of the most simplistic tactics you could think of. It comes in a few forms but the basic idea is the arena towers are ignored. Use the rocket to attack the Crown tower and everything else in the deck is used to defend. The idea is to hold out long enough to fire enough rockets to win. This involves cycling the rocket quickly so defensive troops need to be low elixir cost.

Only Spells – Trying to beat your opponent without using a single troop. Very difficult and very annoying to lose against should it happen. Load up on spells such as lightning bolts, fire balls and the graveyard and don’t rely on those mere mortal troops to provide your victory.

All Legendary – Legendary cards are obviously the rarest in the game. They are powerful troops and normally require some backup from common troops and spells to work correctly. Clash Royale did not design the legendary’s to work together in some sort of super deck. They will not gel well together, so if you get that deck to work for you that is definitely considered trolling.

There are many other decks with people consider trolling and others think are just tactics. I suppose its up to the individual to decide what they consider to be a real troll deck. You will of course know if your trying to play the game to win or simply to have a laugh at your opponents expense. If its the latter then I think you have created a troll deck.

Happy Battling 🙂

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