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Clash Royale
There has just been a balance update announced from Supercell, but that isn’t the only news that has come out of the gaming studio. Today they have also given a sneak peek into whats coming up over the course of the next few updates and some are very exiting, some are functional and of course there is the next set of new cards coming to the battle arena. Just to note there are no time scales for these updates they are simply a sneak peek on what is planned to be released and what is currently being worked on. They are however conformed updates so you can expect to see these features and updates in the not too distant future.

New Functional Updates

Extra Deck Slots – This first feature or really an update is something that myself and i’m sure a lot of others have been wanting since the very start of the games release. And that is extra deck slots. The release notes don’t state exactly how many slots are being added however the picture that goes with it shows that the new limit will be 5 slots. The condition for the extra deck slots are that players must have reached level 8 before they become available.

extra deck slots - Clash Royale

New Friends List Capabilities – Simple but functional items will be added to the friends list. Firstly it will be possible to directly invite friends into your clan. Also you can now have Clash Royale friends. This means there is no longer a requirement to have a social media connection in order to have friends.

Clans straight from level 1 – New players will now be able to join clans straight away but cannot requests cards from the clan until they reach level 3

Copy decks from Replays and TV Royale – This is nice. you see a deck you like and want to have a go with but can’t remember what the cards were or you have to write them down somewhere before going to your deck editor. Now the ability to copy the decks directly from replays and TV Royale will speed up the process. This is especially useful with the increase in deck slots as more experimenting can be made with decks and a lot easier than before.

New Cards

Mega Knight Legendary Clash Royale

Mega Night

The Mega Knight will be the latest Legendary card to hit the arena. Definitely looks like a tank, will it have another function or ability? we are not sure, he could be just a beefed up knight for extra elixir cost.

cannon cart clash royalCannon Cart

The Cannon Cart is the new Epic card in this round of new cards. The idea looks simple enough, its a cannon on a cart. We are guessing it will be pretty slow moving but is an interesting prospect update to that when on the wheels its actually got a speed rating of fast!. Once the cannons cart has been destroyed it still becomes a cannon only now without the wheels.

flying machine clash royaleFlying Machine

The flying machine will be the rare card with the next update. Judging by the picture this looks like another cannon but this time its an airborne cannon. Its speed is said to be close to that of a baby dragon. Its not going to have too much health though so make sure its well protected.

skeleton barrel clash royaleSkeleton Barrel

The skeleton barrel similar to the goblin barrel in some ways and yet so different in others. The idea is the skeleton barrel is attached to a balloon which attacks buildings. Once it reaches the building 8 skeletons are instantly dropped on the building and start to attack it. We are unsure as yet if the skeletons are still released if the balloon is destroyed before it gets to its destination.

Check out Orange Juice’s video on the new cards with with what to expect and how they think the new cards will be used. 

New Challenges

Each of the 4 new cards will be released with its own mini challenge where you most likely will be able to win the new card after a certain amount of wins. That’s 4 new mini challenges to look forward to.

Then we have some brand new challenges coming. we dont have the information on what exactly they are but we can have a good guess. Sudden Death – This challenge sounds like the battle will go straight to sudden death mode with double elixir and next crown wins. So first to destroy a tower wins. Triple Elixir – Firstly this will be insane. very fast reaction times and the ability to control lots of troops will be essential as this mode will soon fill the arena with troops. Ramp up – Your guess is as good as mine for this one. if the double elixir challenges were not already in place then I would suggest it would be increased elixir, but obviously that has gone. Maybe a higher max Elixir? Time will tell.

Summer of 2v2

Here is some big news for you all. This summer Supercell is really going to focus on the very popular 2v2 aspect of the game. A new button on the home screen is going to be added for all 2v2 games. There will be 2v2 friendly battles, 2v2 Draft and 2v2 Challenge modes. Then you will be able to collect chests while battling in 2v2 battles.

The 2v2 modes will not be restricted to your clan. It will be possible to team up with a random player and play the 2v2 games. You can even earn crowns for the clan chest while playing in 2v2 modes.

Supercell will be looking for feedback on the 2v2 event as they are trying to determine if the 2v2 mode should be a permanent part of the game or whether its better suited to being an event mode.

So lots to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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