Clash Royale Card Stats – Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon Epic CardThe Baby Dragon is a splash damage dealing air troop. Very effective at clearing swarms of ground troops, especially if they can’t attack the air. It is also very effective against smaller air troops such as Minions and the newly introduced Bats. Minion Hordes can inflict enough damage to take out the baby dragon but distract the horde for a second and the Baby Dragon will demolish them.

The downside to the baby Dragon is that it has a relatively small amount of health and low attack damage. This makes it weak against larger troops and would have to be protected while attacking others. It needs to be in a support role or a defensive role as even when at the tower with no enemy troops, the damage it causes before the tower brings it down is negligible. 

Other uses for the Baby Dragon include, lowering the health of the slow moving Barbarians for the crown towers to finish off, either the group of 4 or when in a constant stream from the Barbarian hut. They work as a back up to the inferno dragon by removing the smaller troops that distract the inferno dragon so it can lock on to the larger troops/towers. The “Double Dragon” attack can work if you can establish that your opponent does not have the right counter. Be aware however that if they do have the correct counters for 2 air based troops you would be seriously disadvantaged after they have been destroyed.

Baby Dragon Stats

Cost Rarity Hit Speed (sec) Movement Speed Deploy Time (sec) Range Target Troop Count Type
4 Epic 1.6 Fast (90) 1 3.5 Ground and Air 1 Air Troop

Damage and Health Stats by Level

Level HitPoints Damage DPS DPS (with Slowing Effect
eg from Ice Wizard)
DPS with Rage
1 800 100 62 40 95
2 880 110 68 44 104
3 968 121 75 48 115
4 1064 133 83 54 127
5 1168 146 91 59 140
6 1280 160 100 65 153
7 1408 176 110 71 169
8 1544 193 120 78 184

The Baby Dragon is a reasonably popular card, appearing in 6% of the most popular decks according to the stats at Data taken at time of writing and subject to change. Updates ton this page are made after balance updates come in to effect.

Baby Dragon Balance History

  • 3/5/16 Range decreased from 3.5 to 3
  • 24/8/16 Hit Speed decreased from 1.8 to 1.6 seconds
  • 13/2/17 Increased Range from 3 back to 3.5

All base level (Tournament Level) stats can be found here. Tournament level stats are the same for all players when playing in tournaments and friendly battles.

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