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Clash Royale

*Recent Update including the summer of 2v2 and 4 new cards – click here

There are some real exciting updates coming to Clash Royale this month. Not only are there 4 more new cards added to the roster but there is also a brand new game mode and a new addition to the league system. This is in addition to the recent balance updates that have freshened up the game again. A new Arena has also been added as players are moving swiftly up the arena’s. And certainly not least we have a new reward system for the top players called the draft chest. So lets get started.

New Arena – Hog Mountain

Arena 10 used to be be the legendary arena. Now Arena 10 has been renamed Hog Mountain, Legendary arena is now Arena 11 and now unlocks at 3800 trophies. Legendary cards will still be available in the shop once you reach 3000 trophies.


Starting at 4000 trophies a new tier system called leagues will take over. The league system can be called an extension of the current tiered arena system. It does have some differences though. The first and probably most important difference is the fact that if you reach the leagues, the end of each season an extra reward will be issued.

The reward is in the form of a draft chest. The Draft chest is a new way of rewarding the best players. Instead of simply getting a chest with a set of rewards, the draft chest allows you to choose out of two rewards for each set. They will be the same quantity and the same rarity but the choice is all yours. When a legendary pops up players will be given the opportunity to choose which legendary they would like from the two available. Great news for those looking to increase the levels of their legendary cards.

9 leagues are available to climb through taking players to a maximum level of 6400 trophies with increasing rewards for each level. Unlike the Arena tiers, the leagues will have trophy reset levels at the end of each season. After the conclusion of each season your trophies will be reset to the beginning of each named tier. Within the 9 leagues there are 3 Sub sections, Challenger, Master and Champion. These are split into 3 separate levels so we have Challenger 1,2,3 Master 1,2,3 and Champion, Grand Champion and Ultimate Champion. The start of each season will reset your trophies to a lower level to battle up the leagues again. In term of trophies these will be reset to either 4000, 4300 or 4600 trophies. depending on which league you finish the season in.

New Cards

4 New Cards are on the way. A new Legendary card “The Bandit” will be available on March 24th with a Special Bandit Draft Challenge starting on March 17th. The other cards will be coming in the days after the Bandits release are the Night Witch, Bats and Heal.

Clash Royale Heal
  • Bandit – The Legendary card the Bandit dashes from target to target hitting hard with the first attack after each dash. The Bandit cannot be targeted by enemies while dashing.
  • Bats – Think Skeletons of the air. Low health low attack but powerful in swarms.
  • Heal – Does what it says in the tin. Heal your troops over time. This is the inverted Poison spell.
  • Night Witch – The Night witch has two variations from the standard witch. Firstly it deals direct damage and not area damage. Secondly the Night witch spawns the new bats instead of Skeletons.

Clan Battles

Something that has been missing from Clash Royale updates is a new game mode. That has been addressed in the new update with the introduction of clan battles. Clan battles place you with a clan mate against 2 players from another clan. Your now defending 2 Crown towers between the two players. Both players can choose their own decks and both players will have normal elixir amounts to play with. This means twice the units will be on the battlefield. Different tactics will have to be used and co-ordination with your clan mate will need to be top notch to succeed in this new exciting game mode.

The first clan battle feature will be on the 24th March. Watch Nickatnyte testing the new game mode below.

Other Game Improvements

Following some feedback from the players, SuperCell has made some tweaks to the game that should please the majority of players. Firstly the Clan Chest has been moved to the weekend. It used to run Monday to Wednesday, now it will run weekly from Friday to Sunday. In regards to the clan chest, playing the challenge mode will still count towards the clan chest. So playing a challenge during clan chest will not stop you from contributing to your clans total.

Each card has its own tournament level (The scaled level of each card to make the tournaments fair). The stats for these can now be easilly seen from each cards page. Simply hold the button down that says Tournament level to reveal the stats.

2 changes to the clan / friends page have arrived. Now you can spectate your clans battles directly from the clan page. Simply click the eye while one of your clan has a battle in progress. Also you can organize your friends list by online status or by trophies. And finally new trainers have been introduced for trophies between 3600-4000.

Plenty happening then. March 24th is the date to keep in mind with the Bandits release and the clan battles starting. In the mean time dont forget the Bandit draft challenge and the chance to get involved in the very top leagues.

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