Clash Royale Card Stats – Battle Ram

Battle Ram Clash RoyaleThe Battle Ram is a large log battering ram carried by 2 barbarians. It attacks the closest building with a charge attack for extra damage. Once the Battle Ram has struck the first building the ram is destroyed and the 2 Barbarians will begin to attack the closest enemies or buildings. If the Ram is destroyed before it reaches a building the Barbarians will become exposed and start battling.

The Charge bonus is double the amount of damage the Battle Ram will inflict than without charge. The charge can be stopped with a zap or an Electro Wizard and of course destroying the Ram will mean only the barbarians require taking down. Even the Log will reset the charge. Ice Wizards will slow down the charge and the Ice Spirit and Freeze Spell will stop it for a while and reset the charge. Note that if the Battle Ram is destroyed while frozen the Barbarians will not be frozen.

Rage spells only increase the speed of the Ram, it does not increase the damage of the hit by the Battle Ram. After the Ram has been destroyed however the Barbarians will benefit from the rage if they are still in the area of effect. 

Strategies for the Battle Ram mainly include attacking defensive buildings as opposed to arena and crown towers. Golem and Lava hounds benefit the most from the battle ram. The Ram attacks the defensive buildings so that the Golem / Hound doesn’t have to waste time on them and can head straight for the towers.

Battle Rams are very weak against swarm units, skeleton army and even goblins will take it down very easily and then even the barbarians will have trouble. This is especially true if the tower is attacking them as well. Back up your battle ram with a splash damage card such as the Baby Dragon or the Wizard. These cards will also help against a Minion Horde which otherwise would completely shut down the Battle Ram and the Barbarians after.

If the Battle Ram is being sent alone, a Tombstone is a great distracting card. It will pull the ram towards it and then spawn skeletons after its demise to distract the barbarians while your tower takes them down.

Battle Ram Stats

Cost Rarity Hit Speed (sec) Movement Speed Deploy Time (sec) Range Target Troop Count Type
4 Rare N/A Medium (60) 1 Melee Buildings 1 Ground Troop

Damage and Health Stats by Level

Level HitPoints Damage Charge Damage Barbarian Level
1 430 140 280 3
2 473 154 308 4
3 520 169 338 5
4 571 186 372 6
5 627 204 408 7
6 688 224 448 8
7 756 246 492 9
8 829 270 540 10
9 911 296 592 11
10 1001 326 652 12
11 1100 358 716 13

The Battle Ram is a rarely used card, appearing in less than 1% of the most popular decks according to the stats at Data taken at time of writing and subject to change. Updates ton this page are made after balance updates come in to effect.

Battle Ram Balance History

  • There have been no stat changes to the Battle Ram since its release on 10/2/17

All base level (Tournament Level) stats can be found here. Tournament level stats are the same for all players when playing in tournaments and friendly battles.

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