Clash Royale Card Stats – Bandit

Bandit legendary card clash royaleThe Bandit is a Legendary card in Clash Royale with a unique “Dash” ability. The Bandit charges a dash ability for a short while and then sprints to the nearest ground target dealing extra damage on the first hit before continuing to attack the enemy. Once they have been killed the Bandit will dash again to the next closest enemy. The restriction is the Bandit cannot dash at close range so placing melee troops near to her will mean she cannot perform the dash. The big positive side to the dash is the fact that the Bandit cannot be damaged while dashing. The dash charging period can be interrupted by the Electro Wizard, Zap, Freeze and Ice Spirit.

The Bandit cannot be unlocked until Arena 9 and being a legendary can be very hard to get hold of. She is a low Elixir cost that can cause a lot of trouble for that cost. However the situation for the bandit requires the enemies to be spaced out and not ones that deal too much damage in one attack. She is a very specific card for a very specific situation and as such the uptake in the bandit in the popular decks has not been high. The flip side to this is many players will not be expecting a Bandit to be played.

Things to note on the Bandits dash, The Bowlers boulder cannot touch the Bandit while in the dash neither can the log. She will also be useful against a mortar which cannot shoot at short range. Dash from your side of the arena to the Mortar and attack without the Mortar being able to attack back.

Bandit Stats

Cost Rarity Hit Speed (sec) Movement Speed Deploy Time (sec) Range Target Troop Count Type
3 Legendary 1 Fast (90) 1 Melee Ground 1 Ground Troop

Damage and Health Stats by Level

Level HitPoints Damage Dash Damage DPS DPS (with Slowing Effect
eg from Ice Wizard)
DPS with Rage
1 780 160 320 160 104 246
2 858 176 352 176 114 270
3 943 193 387 193 125 296
4 1037 212 425 212 137 326
5 1138 233 467 233 151 358

The Bandit is a rarely used card, appearing in less than 1% of the most popular decks according to the stats at Data taken at time of writing and subject to change. Updates ton this page are made after balance updates come in to effect.

Bandit Balance History

  • 12/6/17 – HitPoints increased by 4% and dash initiated quicker.

All base level (Tournament Level) stats can be found here. Tournament level stats are the same for all players when playing in tournaments and friendly battles.

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