Clash Royale Card Stats – Balloon

Balloon Clash RoyaleBalloons are one of the few cards in Clash Royale that still deals damage after it has been destroyed. The others are the Giant Skeleton, Golem and Ice Golem. It drops powerful bombs onto buildings when it reaches them, but after it has been destroyed it has one more surprise bomb left when will damage anything in its radius. Balloons can be taken down easily if not protected so sending one in by itself is not wise unless you are are sure the opponent has either no elixir or has nothing to shoot down air troops.

Using Rage with Balloons is a very common tactic. Mainly because the balloon doesnt deal any damage until it gets to the tower. Rage not only increases the damage of each bomb but it also increases movement speed. Using Rage with the Balloon gets the Balloon to the tower quicker, this can mean the difference between getting a powerful bomb on the tower or nothing at all. This makes the gamble for an extra 2 elixir quite worth it.

With this in mind the Lumberjack is also a great addition to the attack. sending the balloon behind the Lumberjack can often result in some damaged caused by the Lumberjack and then the rage from his bottle on his death will speed up the balloon. Timing has to be right for this to work effectively though.

When facing the balloon, always try to take it down as quickly as possible with the only exception being when you think you can destroy the opponents crown tower first. Balloons will inflict massive damage as soon as they reach the tower. Inferno towers are effective against the Balloon. And if your tower is locked on to the Balloon then the Freeze spell or Ice Spirit will be enough to hold it while the tower takes it down.

Recently the most popular use of the Balloon was in conjunction with the Lava Hound. This was dubbed the Lava-Loon deck and had a few varieties. The Lava Hound would soak up the damage leaving the balloon to get to the tower. Then once the Lava Hound was destroyed it would do more damage with the Lava pups, the destroyed balloon’s death bomb damage could then wipe out smaller troops attacking the lava pups.

Another popular tactic was just before the Lava Hound / Balloon was destroyed, clone the pair of them. This gives double the death damage and double the amount of lava pups. If the clone isn’t your thing then a rage will also maximize this attack if it gets to the tower. Don’t wast elixir on this tactic until they reach the tower however as if they are destroyed early you will be at a serious elixir dis-advantage. 

Balloon Stats

Cost Rarity Hit Speed (sec) Movement Speed Deploy Time (sec) Range Target Troop Count Type
5 Epic 3 Medium (60) 1 Melee Buildings 1 Flying Troop

Damage and Health Stats by Level

Level HitPoints Damage Death Damage DPS DPS (with Slowing Effect
eg from Ice Wizard)
DPS with Rage
1 1050 600 205 200 130 307
2 1155 660 225 220 143 338
3 1270 726 248 242 157 372
4 1396 798 272 266 172 409
5 1533 876 299 292 189 449
6 1680 960 328 320 208 492
7 1848 1056 360 352 228 541
8 2026 1158 395 386 250 593

The Balloon is a reasonably popular card, appearing in 6% of the most popular decks according to the stats at Data taken at time of writing and subject to change. Updates ton this page are made after balance updates come in to effect.

Balloon Balance History

  • 23/3/16 – HitPoints increased by 5%
  • 15/12/16 – Death Damage increased by 105% + Death damage radius increased by 50% (2 tiles to 3 tiles)
  • 19/4/17 – Death Damage delay was increased from 1 second to 3 seconds 

All base level (Tournament Level) stats can be found here. Tournament level stats are the same for all players when playing in tournaments and friendly battles.

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