Clash Royale Balance Update – February 2017

Some  further balance updates are on the way for Clash Royale. The previous set of updates had given a slight decrease in the power of the Elite Barbarians after their almost complete domination since their release. Many other cards had taken a power hit as well in the previous round of balancing. This time although there are a few cards that have a slight power decrease in some way or another, the majority of the updates this time have been of a more positive nature. Instead of nerfing the most used cards Super Cell have decided to to boost some of the lesser used cards currently. This has come in a variety of ways. So lets take a look at what will be happening to your decks. The update will be live on 13/2/2017.

Clash Royale Balance Update 13/2/17

The main reduction in power that has taken place this time will be the Executioner. A higher level card it may be but many decks contain this monster human. The flying boomerang style axe inflicts a lot of damage in a variety of ways. Cards with increases in their stats include the Witch and the now very under used PEKKA, and the hardly ever used Dark Prince. Here is the full list of the upcoming balance update changes.


  • Damage -6%
  • Range 4.5 (previously 5)
  • Axe Hit Radius -10%

The Executioner is a multipurpose troop and as such was considered much too strong the way it was. Multiple actions have been taken to level the playing field once again. New cards often appear overpowered and then taken down a peg after the initial release. Range and Damage reductions together should make facing the Executioner a little less daunting.

Poison Epic cardPoison

  • Duration 8 seconds (previously 10 seconds)
  • Damage per second +24%

An interesting change to the Poison card will probably make it more appealing to a lot of players. The reduced time but increased damage actually doesn’t change the overall damage output of Poison. What changes is the fact that lower hitpoint cards such as skeletons and goblins will die quicker. Poison should be considered a very good graveyard counter from now on.

Witch Epic CardWitch

  • Damage +6%

The Witches card usage has dropped dramatically recently and especially in the higher arenas. Normally that does suggest that the card is struggling to be useful in the high end decks. The 6% raise in damage will allow the Witch to kill same level skeletons in one hit.

PEKKA Epic CardP.E.K.K.A

  • Deploy Time 1 second (Previously 3 Seconds)

Altering the damage of the PEKKA probably wasn’t viable due to the massive damage output it already has. So in order to get his usage up Super Cell has decided to dramatically reduce the Deploy time to 1 second. This does several things, firstly attacking with the PEKKA means opponents have less time to get a counter ready as the PEKKA will already be on the move. And secondly as a defensive troop he  will be swinging away after 1 second rather than taking 3 seconds worth of damage before setting off. I can see myself using the PEKKA again now in at least one of the 3 decks.

Dark Prince Epic CardDark Prince

  • Hitpoints +5%

A Simple hitpoint increase should give the Dark Prince a bit more chance to get to his destination with a charge. Stats show he’s only really used in low tier arenas so many this will help him climb the ladder a little. Not sure I can see him being a real high end hitter though.

Baby Dragon Epic CardBaby Dragon

  • Range 3.5 (Previously 3)

Once a heavily used card the baby dragon has lost his popularity in recent months. A bit more range has been added to see if the Baby Dragon can be appealing once again.

Skeletons Common CardSkeletons

  • Skeleton Count 4 (Previously 3)

The Ice Spirit has made the 1 Elixir slot a difficult decision. To make that decision harder, the 4th skeleton has returned. Now 4 Skeletons can be a great distraction to the PEKKA, mini PEKKA, Prince, Lumberjack and many more. Definitely worth considering once again.

Ice SpiritSkeleton Army

  • Skeleton Count 15 (Previously 16)

That Extra Skeleton had to come from somewhere, so now the Skeleton Army will be down to 15 Skeletons. Probably wont stop those with Skeleton Army in their decks from using it but time will tell.

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