Clash Royale Balance update 19/4/17

Clash Royale
The monthly balance updates for Clash Royale are here again. About a week later than we expected but Supercell have told us that they wont be being held to a specific timescale for updates but that they will be released as and when they are ready. No new cards have been released for this update but the balance changes always provide a lot of fun for building new decks. As always player data is checked to see what cards are being over used and which are being under used in order to get a better balance to game and to allow players to experiment with different decks.

This update has a wide variety of small tweaks to a range of cards. Some seem small and others may make you think you need to change your deck. But either way have a look and see whats changing to your cards in this round of Clash Royale balance updates.

Clash Royale Balance Update 19/4/17  – The Details


  • Damage +6%

The Executioner was the subject a few bugs of the last two rounds of updates but these have now been fixed. As such the original power of the Executioner has been restored and has the 6% buff put on it to compensate for the reduction in power it received after its launch.

Royal Giant Clash RoyaleRoyal Giant

  • Deploy time 2 seconds (previously 1 second)

The royal giant was an absolute beast in dealing quick damage from range. The fact that he could be deployed at the bridge and immediately start dealing damage meant opponents didn’t have enough time to react. This is especially true if they had low tower health. The increase in deploy time will give the opponent a small window to react. Either to attack the giant or to place a distracting building to save the tower late in the game.

Elite BarbariansElite Barbarians

  • Hitpoints -4%
  • Initial attack 0.1 seconds slower

Elite Barbarians are still a love ’em or hate ’em type of card they are expensive to use and the right counters can take them down quickly but left alone and they will destroy towers in next to no time. They are very good at defending and then going on a counter push. This update doesn’t stop them from being devastating at times but makes them slightly easier to deal with on the counter.

Furnace clash royaleFurnace

  • Hitpoints -5%

The furnace was aimed at aiding offensive troops with a bit of splash damage. It was however being used as a decent defensive building as well due to the high hitpoints. The small tweak in lowering the hitpoints should balance this card out a little more.

Goblin hut clash royaleGoblin Hut

  • Hitpoints +5%

Combined with the reduction in the hit points from the furnace the extra boost to the goblin hut should bring it into line with usage figures between the two. The furnace was a much more used card than the goblin hut in the previous meta. These two changes should even it up a little.

Balloon Clash RoyaleBalloon

  • Death Damage delay 3 seconds (Previously 1 second)

Recently the rise of the lava – loon decks have become a little tiresome for some. While taking them down can be achieved the death damage of the balloon can stop any meaningful counter attack. This change to the death damage delay will allow some of your troops to escape unharmed. This is turn will allow for a decent counter attack. Damage to the tower however will still be achieved so its not all bad news.

Electro Wizard Legendary cardElectro Wizard

  • Hit speed 1.8 seconds (previously 1.7 seconds)

A small tweak just to lower the amount of troop control it provides. He can still dish out some serious damage but a slightly lower hit speed just knocks that edge off him for this update. Still a viable option for a mid priced ranged troop.

skeleton army clash royaleSkeleton Army

  •  Skeleton count -1 (Now 14)

Another skeleton has been lost from the army. Twice in row the skeleton army has lost a member in the balance update. Obviously last time it was not enough to stop its very high usage. Despite the army being easilly killed off with a zap, arrows, log, furnace fire spirits, baby dragon, fireball and probably more. It seems the defensive power of the skeleton army is still just too high. So another skeleton bites the dust.

Lumberjack legendary cardLumberjack

  •  Hitpoints +4%

A very interesting card the lumberjack. Hes quick, he’s powerful and he drops a very useful rage spell, however he lacked the staying power to be really useful. A few more hitpoints will give the lumberjack a chance to be really effective. We shall see over the next month or so.

So that’s all for this months balance update. A few interesting tweaks this month. For me the change to the Balloon was the most significant but maybe other will see differently. I am also surprised by the skeleton army losing another member for the seconds month running. And again it remains to be seem what effect that has.

This week the clan chest will be the fan favorite 2 vs 2 again. looking forward to that. This weeks clan battle will run from April 21st – 24th

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