Clash Royale Balance update – 13/3/2017

Clash Royale
Another set of balance updates for clash royale are here. They have been a consistent once a month updates so far this year. Balance updates keep the game fresh and prevent the same decks from being the most effective all the time. By changing the stats of the most and least used cards each month it helps to create new decks and allow new systems to work.

Clash Royale Balance Update 13/3/17


  • Axe Hit Radius +10%

Returning some of the power back to the executioner as it was deemed a little too much last time. Also some up coming bug fixes are taken into account with this update for the Executioner.

The Log legendaryThe Log

  • Damage -4%

Now a very highly used card. It’s still very powerful at what it was meant for which is steam rolling skeletons and knocking back everything else. But now it wont do quite as much damage to crown towers. It seems it was being used as an offensive weapon a bit too much. Not really what it was designed for.

Arrows clash royale common cardArrows

  • Projectile Speed +33%

The one thing that made arrows worse than Zap was the speed it took for the arrows to arrive. This has been rectified in the latest update with a 33% speed increase. Be aware that now releasing arrows in front of your target like you used to may cause the arrows to arrive too early. Protecting tanks like the Giant has become a bit easier now.

Clone Epic cardClone

  • No longer Resets Charging Troops

Previously using the Clone card on something like a prince while he was charging would reset the charge animation. This was deemed a little harsh and so this is no longer the case. The Cloned card does however have to begin its own charging sequence. This change affects all charge enabled cards such the Prince, Dark Prince, Sparky etc.

Lumberjack legendary cardLumberjack

  • Rage Duration +1.5 Seconds and +0.5 Seconds per level

The main reason for this change is stated to bring consistency between this and the rage spell. But it does serve as a bit of a bonus to those that use the Lumberjack in their decks anyway.

Bomb tower rare cardBomb Tower

  • Projectile speed +66%

This one is very noticeable. A 2/3’s increase in projectile speed goes a long way to making sure the bomb tower catches those very fast characters. Note this is the speed of the bomb that has been increased not the rate at which bomb are thrown. The times in between each bomb remains unchanged.

Electro Wizard Legendary cardElectro Wizard

  • No longer Permanently Stuns 

The update to the Electro Wizard is more of a clarification of the Stun Mechanics. When the Electro Wizard attacks it stuns the enemy pausing the attack animation, not resetting it. They will however re-target once they resume. The exceptions are Sparky, Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon which will reset as always by the stun effect.

Tornado Epic cardTornado

  • Can be Placed on top of buildings

Buildings will still be unharmed by the tornado but the ability to place the tornado on the building is there if you wish to do so. There are times and deck combinations where this could be useful. Give it a try.

That’s all for the Balance update. But their is plenty to come in the month of March for Clash Royale. A new game mode, new cards and a brand new league system are all coming soon. Get the details here.

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