Clash Royale Balance Updates – January 2017

To keep Clash Royale fresh and fair, every month or so Super Cell make some fine adjustments to the cards power. The reasons for this are to keep the playing field varied and to prevent some cards from being completely pointless. To do this, the usage figures are checked to see if any of the cards are being used so much that it becomes obvious that they are over powered. Some cards so infrequently that they show signs of being under powered. As new cards are released and balance changes are made, players find new decks to use and to counter the popular decks. This in turn shifts the popular decks to another style. This is called the current Meta. The Meta changes as people find the new “best decks” after the balance changes or new cards have been applied.

Clash Royale Balance Update 23/1/17

The release of the Elite Barbarians caused a major shift in the way people played and they became one of the first cards in the main decks of most players. This has obviously been the first port of call when it comes to the balancing of the game as it became too popular too quickly. The second major point is the nerfing of Zap. Another card that nearly every deck contained and has done for sometime. Other changes have also been made, so here is the run down of the recent balance changes.

Elite BarbariansElite Barbarians

  • Hitpoints -4%
  • Damage -4%
  • Hit speed 0.1 seconds slower (now 1.5 sec)

The Elite Barbarians have taken the biggest hit. While it may not look like 4%is a lot the combined effect of less hit points less, damage and reduced attack speed will have many people looking at new ways too be able to take down the elites.


  • Damage -6%

A simple damage reduction to this popular card, while it will still easily take out the skeleton army, it will now not be able to take out the same level goblin barrel for example which was a very popular positive elixir trade off.

Electro WizardElectro Wizard

  • Hitpoints +9%
  • Spawn Damage -6%

The extra hitpoints will mean that the same level fireball will no longer be able to completely wipe out the Electro Wizard. The “zap” style spawn damage has been reduced to keep consistency with the Zap damage reduction.

mega minionMega Minion

  • Damage -4%
  • Hit speed 0.1 second slower (now 1.5 sec)

Mega Minion has been used a lot for defensive purposes, and while its an armored minion it was better to reduce the damage rather than the hit points on this occasion. It will take longer now to take out those ground units.


  • Hitpoints -4%

Archers were the main support card in the current meta of the game. They had to have a power reduction but not completely nerf them. To this end they have only had a small hitpoint reduction.

The LogThe Log

  • Damage -4%
  • Reduced knock back effect

The damage reduction was in effect to make sure that it still doesn’t take down the same level archers. The reduced knock back effect was in place in order to lower the displacement created to the battle area.

Ice GolemIce Golem

  • Hitpoints -5%
  • Reduced death damage radius and slow down duration

The Ice Golem was a brilliant tank for only 2 Elixir but was proven to be too good of  defensive option to leave at the current level. It was not deemed that a cost increase was required but the stat nerfing definitely was.

Ice SpiritIce Spirit

  • Damage -10%

The Ice Spirit took the biggest damage reduction in the current round of balance updates. the reasoning was that one ice spirit would take down a horde of minions to within one tower hit. This was too much for a 1 elixir card


  • Range +0.5

The Wizard has had a drop in overall usage recently so this minor change to the range might just get a few people to choose him again over some other ranged units.

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