For Honor – Assassins

For Honor Assassins

The Assassins are the deadly warriors in For Honor. They are masters of dishing out massive damage in double quick time. They have a stealth like approach, superb speed and  incredible mobility. Playing using the Assassin class should be aware of their strengths but be more aware of the limitations. Assassins do not think too much about defending themselves. They are simply in the battle to dish out damage. Battle…

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For Honor Controls (Xbox One, PS4)

For Honor Controls

For Honor is a brand new innovative game from Ubisoft. Choosing your faction between the Vikings, Knights and Samurai. For Honor brings a whole new fighting style game with its new “Art of Battle” Control system. A bit more on that a little later. Firstly it has to be accepted that this is a fighting game at heart. It looks like an RPG or an action adventure game such as…

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Final Fantasy XV Controls (Xbox One, PS4)

Final Fantasy XV

Could you believe this is the 15th game in the Final Fantasy series. Thats not including any sequels, prequels and spin offs from the main series. This long running RPG has been hugely popular throughout the years since its original release in 1987 on the NES. It has since then made its way onto many consoles and hand held devices. Although Final Fantasy is in its 15th edition some of…

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Titanfall 2 Controls (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 builds on its previous iteration while still staying true to the original game. This guide will give you the Titanfall 2 controls for both the Pilot and the Titans. Controller guides are for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC with Controller layout diagrams for the Xbox and the PlayStation versions. Its well worth learning the controls for the Pilots as well as the Titans as the Pilots have…

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Paragon Controls (PC, PS4)

Paragon Game

Paragon is a free to play battle arena style game, where the aim to to get to your opponents “Core” and destroy it. Two teams of 5 players battle it out on a symmetrical map to achieve this goal. Within the game each player can choose which hero to go into battle with. As you would expect each hero has different abilities to help in battle. Some are offensive abilities,…

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Battlefield 1 Controls (Xbox One + PS4)

Battlefield 1 feature

Battlefield 1 takes you back to WW1 and the beginning of modern warfare would become. The first armoured vehicles, automatic and semi automatic weapons as well as hand to hand combat made this period of time a major historic not only for the people who lived it but for the way it changed warfare of the future. Battlefield One has a lot of different aspects to it in various modes…

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