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Bats clash royale

Bats are unlocked at Arena 8 (Frozen peak) They spawn 5 tiny bat creatures with very limited health and a low DPS each however they move at a very fast speed and together will cause serious damaged if left unchecked. Bats make great defensive troops against slow moving tanks such as Giants. They will also take down a Golem before it gets to the tower, however the Golems death damage will destroy the bats when it splits so a second counter will be required in that case.

The Bats have the same stats as the skeletons. except for the fact that they are aerial troops and can target ground and air. They also cost 1 more elixir. Because of their very low hot points many troops will be able to take the bats down with single shot. Towers will also get rid of the threat very quickly. In order to use bats as offensive troops they need to reach the crown towers behind a tank. If deployed late on when the opponent is low on elixir bats can cause serious damage to crown towers behind the likes of a Golem or Giant.

If being used for a distraction technique then Bats are best used against the likes of the inferno dragon. The dragon will target the first bat while the others reduce its health enough for it not to be a threat to your crown tower. They can also be sent in ahead of a tank to distract an inferno tower. This tactic is short lived though as a few shots from the opponents crown tower will see them off. This of course could be enough to get your tank to the inferno tower to do the damage required.

Bats Stats

Cost Rarity Hit Speed (sec) Movement Speed Deploy Time (sec) Range Target Troop Count Type
2 Common 1 Very Fast (120) 1 Melee Air and Ground 5 Air Troop

Damage and Health Stats by Level

Level HitPoints Damage DPS DPS (with Slowing Effect
eg from Ice Wizard)
DPS with Rage
1 32 32 32 20 49
2 35 35 35 22 53
3 38 38 38 24 58
4 42 42 42 27 64
5 46 46 46 29 70
6 51 51 51 33 78 
7 56 56 56 36 86 
8 61 61 61 39 93 
9 67 67 67 43 103 
10 74 74 74 48 113 
11 81 81 81 52 124 
12 89 89 89 57 136 
13 98 98 98 63 150 

The Bats usage in ladder play have been fairly high. around the 25% mark. 

Bandit Balance History

  • 11/8/17 – Bats Troop count changed from 4 to 5

All base level (Tournament Level) stats can be found here. Tournament level stats are the same for all players when playing in tournaments and friendly battles.

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