Clash Royale Balance Changes – 12/6/17

Clash Royale
This latest balance update for Clash Royale seems to have taken a while to come through. But never the less the change bell has been rung and the latest updates will be live on 12/6/17. As always the changes come into effect to change the games meta. This is the when the community figure out the best decks and counter decks and a lot of games tend to look quite similar with only minor differences (mainly with support cards) Think Lava-Loon.

The latest cards to be released normal get a tweak one way or another as well. This month is no different with the new Night Witch and the bats taking a change.

Clash Royale Balance Update 12/6/17  – The Details

Night Witch Clash Royale Legendary cardNight Witch

  • Spawns 3 bats on death (was 4)
  • Bat spawn speed – 6 seconds (was 5 seconds)
  • Initial bats spawn slower

Its now very common for the newest cards to have a bit of a tone down after the first month as players find ways to make them a little over powered. To this end the Night Witch has had a few performance hits to her bats. Less on death, slower initial and report spawn

Clash Royale HealTornado / Heal / Poison

  • Effects now Stack

This change could be a big deal. It could certainly make some big changes to the current games meta. Tornado stacking might not seem like it will be very useful as the main function of the tornado is to drag troops to the center. this obviously cant happen twice. The damage to the troops however will stack. Maybe in the 2v2 battles this will help. Stacked healing and poison spells however are obvious what they can do. stacked poison can take out larger troops and can be a game winner. stacked heal of course will keep the tanks going for much longer. Again though I think the 2v2 games will see the most benefit from this change.

Tornado Epic cardTornado

  • Duration 2.5 seconds (down from 3 seconds)

The damage effects may now stack but the duration of the tornado has now been cut by 0.5 seconds down to 2.5 seconds. We will wait to see how much effect this really has but I estimate it will cause a big usage drop and the pull effect is weakened. Maybe the freeze becomes a better option?

The Log legendaryThe Log

  • Range 11.1 (down from 11.6)

Still a very popular card and I don’t think this change will stop it from being one. The reduced range might stop a few spawn troops from being killed at the end of the roll though. Plus is will allow the opponent to play spawn troops a split second quicker as the log breaks up slightly earlier.

Goblin Gang clash royaleGoblin Gang

  • Spear Goblin count 2 (down from 3)

One of the gang has been disbanded. The goblin gang will now feature 3 melee goblins and 2 spear goblins. The gang was always destroyed by a log, arrows and a high powered zap so in that respect then one less isn’t too bad. But obviously the 1 less ranged troop will make it harder to take down flying troops. this is where the gang will be at the most disadvantaged.

Skeletons Common CardSkeletons

  • Skeleton Count 3 (Down from 4)

At what point do we start to feel a little sorry for the poor little skeletons. Every update seems to bring a cut to the skeleton or skeleton army numbers. Supercell obviously still think they are overpowered as a distracting and delaying troop card for 1 elixir.

Bandit legendary card clash royaleBandit

  • Hitpoints +4%
  • Dash initiates quicker

A relatively unused troop, the Bandit has had a boost in both hitpoints and the dash. Should make her a little more appealing to those who like to experiment with different styles of play. The bandit has a unique attack that a lot more decks could take advantage of.

Inferno Dragon legendary card clash royaleInferno Dragon

  • Hitpoints +7%
  • Retargets 0.2 seconds quicker

A very nice hitpoint increase may just be the difference between destroying its target or not. And that can mean saving a lot of elixir by not having to deploy another troop to do the job. The retargeting time being decreased will speed up the damage build up that bit quicker. I already don’t like playing against inferno dragons. I guess I’ll be seeing a few more of those very soon.

Witch Epic CardWitch

  • Hitpoints +5%
  • Area damage Radius +10%
  • Skeleton Spawn Speed 7 seconds (from 7.5 seconds)
  • Initial Skeletons spawn slower

A beefy update for one of my favorite cards. The Witch has been overshadowed with the release of the Night Witch but this update has to get you thinking between them again. Extra hit points are always useful but the extended area damage is going to be fun to use. More skeletons will be killed with each attack and more troops will be damaged more often. Keep her alive and even more skeletons will be spawned because of the quicker spawn time. Slower initial skeleton spawn time will only hurt when deploying the witch in close proximity to enemy troops.

Clone Epic cardClone

  • Faster Cloning effect

Not too much information surrounding this one. Simply that the delay when using the clone will be reduced. The Clone is a card that I see a lot in the 2v2 clan battles. Making it work quicker may well see that usage in that mode increase even further.

Bats clash royaleBats

  • Bat Count 4 (down from 5)

In accordance with the Night witch nerf, the lone bats have lost one of there number. Not having used the bats as yet i’m not sure how much this will hurt but the obvious less damage and less distraction value will come into effect.

Quite a big update this month with some really interesting changes. This update is certainly going to change some of the popular decks. Personally I’m liking the improvements to the witch and the stacking of the area effects of poison, heal and tornado could see some real action in the clan battles. looking forward to seeing how it all plays out over the next month.

Addition – Some balance updates to the chests have just been made. Giant chest have reduced gold and reduced number of common cards but the rare card count has been increased. While Magical chests and Super Magical chests have both been given a boost in the amount of gold you recieve.

The balance updates are not the only big announcements coming from Supercell recently. Major game updates have also been announced.

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