80+ new Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go logoNiantic has finally announced that more Pokemon will be in the wild to catch at the end of this week. News that more than 80 new Pokemon will be well received by the remaining hardcore Pokemon Go fans and may well get a few people who had lost interest in the game to come back. This update also includes evolution’s of some Pokemon that that were in Generation 1. Your Candies that had been saved for months on end can now be used on a variety of Pokemon that didnt have an evolution at launch.

The 80 new Pokemon are from the Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver games from the Johto region. Gender specific variations will also start to roll out giving you even more Pokemon to look out for. Remember previously that Niantic has switched some egg hatch rates. This is was seen as the first move to allow a more balanced egg hatching system when the new batch of Pokemon arrive. The likes of Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile will soon be on your radars.

New Pokemon are not the only thing that the latest update will bring however. The new evolutions of Pokemon will bring with them the requirement for Evolution items. Its not 100% clear how these will work yet, but best guess is that you will require these items in addition to candies to evolve certain Pokemon. These evolution items will be available to collect at Pokestops.

Some animation changes have also been made to the original Pokemon in the wild. It is reported that they will react differently on occasions when being caught. This brings a slight change and a bit more skill required to catch the everyday Pokemon that have been encountered on a daily basis. To aid you though, a new item carousel will be introduced allowing players to select berries and different pokeballs directly from the encounter screen. A welcome addition that will speed up the process of catching Pokemon.

More Berries to help you catch all the new Pokemon.

On the subject of berries, the Razz berry is not the only berry available in the Pokemon world, 2 new berries with different effects on the Pokemon. These new berries of course can be collected at Pokestops. The 2 new berries will be the Nanab Berry and the Pinap Berry. These are not like the Razz berry in that the effects they have on the Pokemon are very different.

  • Razz Berry – Reduces the chance the Pokemon will escape the Pokeball
  • Nanab Berry – Slows Pokemon Movement to make it easier to catch
  • Pinap Berry – Doubles the Candy reward if the catch is successful

And one final update that will come along is the ability to customize your Avatar with a new selection of clothing and accessories. The update should be rolling out any day now so keep an eye out for when your device tells you an update is ready.

A quick side note, Niantic has confirmed that they are working on player versus player battles and Pokemon trading, so expect to see those features some time in the future. Is this enough to rescue the game and bring it back to its former glory?

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