NeverWinter – Losing the Quest Path

One of the First things I noticed as I progressed through the main story line of Neverwinter was that I lost the quest path on certain areas after I had leveled up past the recommended level of the area. I would happily be completing quests and collecting rewards, but as casual gamer I would not be playing until the area was complete. So when I rejoined I may start doing a different task, a side quest or a leveling dungeon etc. Upon my return to the area I would have no open quests and no quest path to go to an NPC for a new quest. I had lost the quest path. This is a little frustrating as all quests must be completed to get the rewards of the area and to have it shown as complete on the campaign screen.

After wandering around a while searching for a quest to re-join the quest path I couldn’t find any characters with the explanation mark or the question mark above their head signifying some interaction and perhaps a quest which I hadn’t completed. This lead me to a total dead end, so a small amount of research into the matter was required. 

It turns out that if you over level an area and lose the quest line, the characters you require will no longer look in the game like they wish to interact with you. The only way to find your way back onto the quest path is to find which quests you have not completed and find out which NPC gives you that quest. Fortunately the Neverwinter Wiki guide has a full list of all quests along with which character gives you each quest. You will soon be back in the game and back on the quest line. 

If you have found yourself in an area without a quest line. Then select the area you are in from the list below and the Neverwinter Wiki will show you which quests are in the area and who to go and see. Remember if you have lost the quest line then the character will not look like any interaction is possible but focusing on the character will show you their name and you will know your in the right place. 

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