Clash Royale – January Update

Clash Royale January Update

Clash Royale has been updated and there has been some interesting changes in this months update. Changes to the trading system, a new card, new arena and 2 new game modes have been introduced. So lets have a look at whats new.

New Arena – at 3600 trophies the arena that is achieved is now spooky Town. The legendary arena has been moved up to 4000 trophies. Watch out for the change on some card unlocks, some have moved to other Arena. You may find that you have access to some cards that previously had been unavailable before the update.

Also chests gained from 4000 trophies and up now have more gold and cards inside !

Trading System Improvement – One of the things that players were hating with the trading system was that unless you set up a trade in the chat before hand, the card you offered was not wanted by a lot of your clan members. This led to a downturn in trading as you both had to spend a token and unless it was exactly was was wanted the token wasn’t wasted and the trade doesn’t happen.

This has been looked at by SuperCell and some action has been taken. It hasn’t gone back to the one token trade system that was around before but instead the person trading will be allowed to select for cards to offer in the trade. With more cards on offer the chances of someone actually wanting the trade will increase. 

Hopefully this will get the trading system back up and running and not have the chat log clogged up with uncompleted trades.

New Card Announced- Wall Breakers

wall breakers card clash royale

Coming in February is a new card aimed at destroying towers and buildings with the ability to damage troops that get too close. The wall Breakers are two skeletons carrying explosive barrels. They will make their way directly to the nearest building and detonate. They cause massive damage to the tower if they make it or will heavily damage defensive towers and siege building such as the Mortar or X-Bow. 

There are many way to use the wall breakers, they have massive versatility, especially with the option to split them at the river and have one go towards each tower. Check out the Video for some of the many ways to use the Wall breakers

2 new game modes – Also making an appearance in February are two brand new game modes to try. The Year of the Hogs and Mini Collection. In Year of the Hogs, Royal Hogs will be spawned at intervals for each player. It seems that it will be on alternate side of the king tower. So one hog sent down the left channel then the next one sent down the right channel. 

The gameplay also shows an increase in hogs for each minute so a single hog is spawned each time in the first minute. Then 2 hogs a spawned together in the second minute and for the final minute 3 hogs are spawned at the same time. These hogs are costing nothing in Elixir, so Year of the Hog could lead to some insane gameplay and a lot of units to contend with on both sides of the arena.

Mini Collection is a bit like the war deck, where only certain cards are available to choose from, and the level is capped like in a tournament. And like the war deck if your cards don’t rate up to the capped level then the card will stuck at the level you have currently upgraded it to.

The January update is available now, simply update your version of Clash Royale.

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