Clash Royale – How to play 2v2 Effectively

Clash Royale 2v2 mode. How to be a good 2v2 player

Clash Royale’s 2v2 mode is predominately a fun mode, used to kill a bit of time and have fun with your friends. It does however serve another purpose, Gaining crowns without risking your ladder rank, doing matches to serve quests or to simply practice for maybe a 2v2 collection mode in the clan war.

What we are getting at is that 2v2 can still matter so being an effective 2v2 player will help you and help your team-mate. Here are a few things which most players will want you to do or not to do.

Do Not disconnect on purpose

This has to be the biggest one, disconnections happen we all know that. But you can tell the ones that are done on purpose and there is nothing more infuriating than the “your team mate has left the match” text coming up just because you lost the first tower. The game isn’t over! try a new tactic learn how to make a come back. You cant win every game, but you can learn. So stick it out, your team mate might need 1 crown to complete the crown chest. You might fight back and win. But give it a chance.

Hover your cards

If you don’t know what hovering your cards means, it is holding your next card on the arena without releasing it. This is the best way to communicate with your team-mate. Presuming you have a random team mate you wont be communicating any other way then the visuals in the game. 

The best way to communicate is to telegraph your actions, hover the card you wish to play next to allow you team-mate to select a card with some synergy and produce the best attack. 

Hovering also can stop both players from playing the same card at the same time, Zapping a skeleton army is the best example. The opponent plays a skeleton army and you both play Zap. This loses two elixir for your team. Of course this might happen the first time as you would want to zap the army as soon as possible. However you might be anticipating the skeleton army second time round. Hovering this time shows you are ready for it and your team-mate can be ready with a different card, possibly a quick counter attack.

Remember its 2v2

This might seem ridiculously obvious but its easy to forget that you are playing against 2 players. Throwing your hog rider solo when you only have 4 elixir built up is rarely a good idea. Unless you have worked it out perfectly the chances are they will have a counter. Probably 8 cards to choose from to take it down. 

Plan your attacks wisely and support your Team-mate where you can, this way you will achieve much better results.

Try not to over commit your troops

A big counter attack in 1 Vs 1 can work wonders, it can be difficult to take out a large group of different troops when its timed correctly. Doubling up on this however in 2 vs 2 can have disastrous effects. Both players committing all of their elixir to a single attack only to be virtually wiped out by a well placed rocket or poison. 1 card 2 players totally wiped out of elixir and open to attack.

So make sure you have worked out correctly that your opponents don’t have the right counter and or elixir to counter your big push.

Take a look at Your Team Mates Deck

Sometimes overlooked, Clash Royale 2 vs 2 mode shows the 4 cards that your team-mate has available and also which cards they have enough elixir to play. This can help you decide when to push and what to push with. 

For example if you require a support card for your Golem and you see your team-mate doesnt have what you require there is little point in wasting your Golem at that time. Also you might see that that they dont have enough elixir for that wizard you need them to play. In this instance you would delay or defend for a while until the right time to push comes along.

Little things can add up big in a match. Every bit of elixir you can win in the great elixir trade will give you an advantage towards the end of the game. The best way to win the elixir trade battle is not to waste any of your own elixir and take advantage of when your opponent makes a mistake with theirs. Its the chess part of the game. 

Clash Royale – a simple game on the outside with a massive tactical underneath for those that wish to delve that little deeper.

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