Balance Changes 4/2/19

Balance update 4-2

Its time for a another set of balance changes to some of the Clash Royale cards and that means another slight change to the Meta. This month does a see a couple of surprising changes to some of the more popular cards in the game. Changes this time are to the Musketeer, 3 Musketeers, Freeze, Cannon Cart, Dart Goblin, Knight and Clone.

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Neverwinter catch-up weekend (consoles)

Neverwinter Double XP Event

Neverwinter has a catch-up weekend event being held for console players Jan 17th – Jan 21st. These catch-up events grant double Xp for your characters and for your companions and professions. These are the ideal times to play those characters that are currently low level, the companions you don’t use very often and the professions that are just starting out.

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Current Playlist

Like we had stated we will be focusing more on a selection of games that we are currently playing. This of course will change and big gaming news wont be ignored because its not on our currently playing list. But these games will get a few more opinions as we will actively be playing them, in-between work of course.

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