Brand New PantherProducts

Welcome to the Brand New PantherProducts site, the previous site was a a little disjointed to say the least. We now have a new focus, to bring you a snapshot of gaming and tech news. Nothing too gritty but an easy to read quick burst of whats going on.

PantherProducts will also be run more of a blog than a full blown site. And with this comes a change in the way we present the information. Prepare for more opinions and open questions and less around the jargon and what the manufacturers and promoters simply want you to hear. Of course we will still keep in the facts.

As well as this change we will be focusing on a few areas and games in which we play regularly ourselves, talking about the things we come across while playing. Hopefully you will join in and add your views. And if your interested in the games we play then stick around and get your news here and bring your knowledge to the community.

PantherProducts will be taking shape very shortly 🙂

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