Balance Changes 4/2/19

Its time for a another set of balance changes to some of the Clash Royale cards and that means another slight change to the Meta. This month does a see a couple of surprising changes to some of the more popular cards in the game. Changes this time are to the Musketeer, 3 Musketeers, Freeze, Cannon Cart, Dart Goblin, Knight and Clone.


  • Damage +3%

The Musketeer is getting a slight buff to the damage. An extra 3% is aimed at giving the musketeer the power to take on more mid range targets such as the baby dragon. As a one target troop the power should really reflect the accuracy that the musketeer brings. Now she will mow down some enemy troops in one less shot than before.

Three Musketeers

  • Elixir Cost Increase 9 —> 10
  • Damage + 3%

Because the single Musketeer has received a 3% damage increase, the 3 Musketeers of course have received the same buff. Problem here was that the 3 Musketeers were already a very popular card and well used in many of the games top decks. The extra damage would of been a little too much. So to off set this the elixir cost have been increased to the max of 10.

Freeze card clash royale


  • Damage -6%
  • Freeze Duration 5 seconds —-> 4 Seconds

Since the freeze got a buff by having a damage mechanic as well as the freeze mechanic its popularity seemed unmatched. It absolutely shot up the usage charts and did what it was supposed to do. Opening up a whole new set of decks to play. Now it seems that it was a little too popular and has had to take a bit of a step back. The -6% damage itself might not hurt too much but the second lost of the freeze time certainly will. Whether Freeze will drop heavily in usage now remains to be seen.

Cannon Cart card Clash Royale

Cannon Cart

  • Hit speed 1.3 —-> 1.2

Slight hit speed increase for the Cannon Cart is reverting a previous change which has been described as a slight mistake. Cannon Cart showed excellent win rates. It has however been determined that this was due to fitting in well with a previous meta rather than being an Overpowered Card. So Slight Buff here.

Dart Goblin Clash Royale

Dart Goblin

  • Hit Speed 0.65 —–> 7

The slight reduction in hit speed for the dart goblin is an interesting one. I don’t think its an overused cart in clash royale. And the only reason it would be in a deck is for high damage output as it is a very low HP troop. By lowing the Hit Speed and therefore the DPS, a slight nerf to the dart Goblin could end up being a reason to drop the dart goblin altogether. As always time will tell.

Clone card Clash Royale


  • Animation Change – Clones now appear behind the original Troop

This change may only be an animation change but it has some significant ramifications. The idea from Supercell was that moving the clones behind the original would help protect them from the tower. This is true but many players did like the sidewards clones to escape from the log and barbarian barrel. This one could be down to a personal preference to decide if the clone is still the right card in your deck.

Knight card Clash Royale


  • Hitpoints +2.5%

Out of all the balance changes, the increase to the knights hitpoints is one that I am greatful for (being in most of my decks). Yet at the same time a little bemused by. The knight is a staple part of a lot of decks. Its already a reasonably high hitpoint troop. Very resilient and good distraction and if it gets to the tower can do decent damage. All for 3 Elixir. So Was a Buff required? Supercell say yes and the reason given was to give it an extra strike against the P.E.K.K.A. (now requiring 3 hits) So an indirect P.E.K.K.A. nerf may have been the aim here.

For a full rundown of the reasons behind each of the changes and what the players are thinking about them join the Official Reddit Thread.

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