WWE 2K17 Controls (Xbox One + PS4)

wwe2k17 coverWrestling games are notorious for being difficult to control. Remembering what to do and when can be frustrating to say the least. Recent games have made this better with more use of the thumb sticks and less button mashing. It is still however a lot to remember. The difficulty comes with remembering what to press in what situation. In other games a single button does a single action, in wrestling games the situation dictates what button does what actions. So with all this in mind here are the WWE 2K17 controls for you to look at and hopefully remember. Then a short video tutorial to bring those controls to life.

WWE 2k17 Controls (Click to enlarge)

WWE 2k17 Controls Xbox One  WWE 2k17 controls PS4

ActionPlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
Move PlayerLeft Thumb Stick Left Thumb Stickxbox left thumb stick Left Thumb Stick
SprintL2 playstation buttonLeft Thumb StickLeft Trigger + xbox left thumb stick
Pick up Objectl1Left bumper
ClimbTap l1 + Left Thumb Stick (Towards Ropes / Apron)Tap Left bumper + xbox left thumb stick (Towards Ropes / Apron)
Enter/Exit RingHold l1 + Left Thumb Stick (Towards Ropes / Apron)Hold  Left bumper + xbox left thumb stick (Towards Ropes / Apron)
Reverse Attack (Correct Timing)R2right-trigger
Target Systemr1 + Cross or Circle or square or TriangleRight Bumper + A button or B Button or X Button or Y button
Signiture MoveTriangleY button
FinisherTriangleY button
OMG!r1 + TriangleRight Bumper + Y button
StrikesquareX Button
Strong StrikeHold squareHold X Button
Irish WhipCircleB Button
PinCircle (Grounded Opopnent)B Button (Grounded Opponent)
Front FacelockTap CrossTap A button
Normal GrappleTap Cross + Left Thumb StickTap A button + xbox left thumb stick
Strong GrappleHold Cross + Left Thumb StickHold A button + xbox left thumb stick
Reposition OpponentRight Thumb Stickxbob right thumb stick
Target New OpponentPress Right Thumb StickPress xbob right thumb stick
Pauseps4-options-button X1-menu-button
Wake up Taunt dpad-up dpad-up
Toggle Signiture / Finisher Move Dpad-down Dpad-down
Taunt Crowd dpad-left dpad-left
Taunt Opponent dpad-right dpad-right
Normal GrappleLeft Thumb Stick + Direction + Crossxbox left thumb stick + Direction + A button
Strong GrappleLeft Thumb Stick + Direction + Hold Crossxbox left thumb stick + Direction + Hold A button
Turn Opponent Aroundps4-right-thumb-right or right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-right or right thumb left
Snapmare to Seated Position ps4-right-thumb-down ps4-right-thumb-down
Front Facelock
Lock Up (grab)CrossA button
Grapple AttackLeft Thumb Stick + Direction + Crossxbox left thumb stick + Direction + A button
Working HoldCross ( Left Thumb Stick in Neutral position)A button ( xbox left thumb stick in Neutral position)
Submission HoldHold CrossHold A button
StrikesquareX Button
Drag OpponentR2 + Left Thumb Stickright-trigger + xbox left thumb stick
Irish WhipCircleB Button
Releasel1Left bumper
Target Limbr1 + Cross or Circle or square or TriangleRight Bumper + A button or B Button or X Button or Y button
Downed Opponent
Lift Opponentps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-up
Turn Opponent Overps4-right-thumb-right or right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-right or right thumb left
Lift Opponent to Seated Positionps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-down
GrappleCrossA button
Strong StrikeHold squareHold X Button
SubmissionHold CrossHold A button
Target Limbr1 + Cross or Circle or square or TriangleRight Bumper + A button or B Button or X Button or Y button
Opponent Stunned in the Corner
Turn Opponent Around ps4-right-thumb-right or right thumb left ps4-right-thumb-right or right thumb left
Lift and Place on Turnbuckle ps4-right-thumb-up ps4-right-thumb-up
Tree of Woe (hanging upside down) ps4-right-thumb-down ps4-right-thumb-down
Opponent Stunned against the ropes
Place Opponent on Second Ropeps4-right-thumb-right or right thumb left ps4-right-thumb-right or right thumb left

WWE 2K17 Controls Tutorial Video


While in a submission hold (Or applying one) a graphic will show up with circle and a red and blue slider. The defenders slider is blue and the attackers is red. The attacker must manoeuvre their red slider over the blue slider, while the defender must move the blue slider to avoid the red one. When you have won, grab the glowing orb to either escape or put your opponent away.

There is a setting in WWE 2K17 to select an alternative submission style. If this is selected then when in a submission hold both attackers and defenders must rapidly press the button that corresponds to what is being shown on the screen. The button will change during the move so pay attention at all times to what you need to be pressing.


Pressing B (Xbox) to pin your opponent is fairly straight forward, but to escape a pin you will need to press the A (Xbox) or X (PS4) button when the meter is in the target zone. You will get 3 attempts as you are counted out. Having more health will give you a larger zone and making it easier to escape

If your near the ropes and have the rope break ability pressing B (Xbox) or circle (PS4) when prompted will perform a manual rope break

If you have the Dirty Pin ability and your opponent is lying parallel to the ropes hold B (Xbox) or circle (PS4) will perform the Dirty Pin manoeuvre.


Reversals play a big part in WWE 2K17, To perform a reversal when an opponent is trying to perform a move on you press the right Trigger or R2. However the timing window for this is very short. The screen will inform you when you can perform a reversal. Your superstar has a limited amount of reversal slots but they do replenish over time. If you run out of reversal slots you cannot perform a move reversal until it has replenished.

Major Reversals – When the reversal icon is orange it means that you can perform a major reversal. These work the same as a standard reversal but they require 2 reversal slots and they also leave your opponent temporarily weakened.


Ladders can now be used to perform more moves off, such as finishers. Select and move a ladder use LB or L1 to pick up a ladder and place it where you like and again to climb. To place the ladders against the ropes move the left stick towards the ropes, Hold RB (R1) and press LB (L1)


Damage your opponent using tables to fill their Table Break meter. Filling your opponent’s meter unlocks Table Grapples, which can put them through a table without the use of a Table Finisher. The Table Break icon indicates when a Table Grapple can be performed by pressing A (X). If the opponent is leaning against a table propped in the corner, a Running Strike can also put them through the table.

Roll Out

When you roll out of the ring to recover you remain outside the ring until the rollout meter fills up. Once this is full you will recover and receive a buff. You can press A (X) to recover early (when the meter is orange) and roll back into the ring but you get a debuff for this action

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