Games with Gold July 2017

Games with Gold More Xbox free games are heading your way. This month our Xbox live subscription gets you a slightly quirkier set of games. Games with Gold in July will bring you a selection of games for the family to play online and offline, with Runbow and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean the family can enjoy some pick up and play games. BUD the robot stars in Grow Up for a fun…

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Games With Gold May 2017

Games with Gold

تداول وطرح الاسهم Don’t we say this every month, but its already time to have a look at what free games are coming to you lucky Xbox Live subscribers. May will bring you a double dose of Star wars fun along with a twisted puzzle game and a classic tomb raiding adventure with Lara. As is the Norm these days all 4 of the free games are available for the Xbox One with…

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Ryse Son of Rome Controls (Xbox One)

Ryse son of Rome feature

الخيارات الثنائية حلال أم حرام Ryse Son of Rome was the release title for the Xbox One. Just recently it has become the headline game for the Xbox Live Games with Gold free games program (April 2017). And as we havent done a controller guide for Ryse as yet. Now would be the best time to add it to the list. Many people will able to Ryse for free and we are here to make… Continue reading

For Honor – Hybrids

For Honor Hybrids

زيارة الموقع Hybrids are a special type of character in For Honor. They borrow characteristics from the other classes to mold into something completely different. Unlike the other classes the Hybrids have different skills depending on which faction they are from. Hybrids can for-fill a variety of roles in the battle. While they will not be as adept at a particular task than the specific classes they can change roles throughout the…

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Games With Gold April 2017

Games with Gold

وهنا هي النتائج Say what you like about the Xbox Vs PS4 battle. The debate can be go on for ever. But just recently the two competing free games service has been a little bit one way traffic in terms of quality of games. That’s certainly our opinion here at PantherProducts. This month just goes to prove the point even more. While the PS Plus games for April have not been announced just…

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Evolve Controls Guide (Xbox One)

Evolve Feature

كيف تكسب المال في المملكة المتحدة Evolve is free to download on the Xbox One for all Xbox Live subscribers from March 16th – April 15th. Not even 2 years old, this premium game is your to try and keep for free. Never a better time to try a new game than when its costs absolutely nothing. So if your trying Evolve for the first time because of the offer or if you just need some…

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Dropshot – New game mode for Rocket League

Rocket League Feature

كيفية كسب المال على الشبكة March 22nd will bring a new game mode to the much loved Rocket League. Dropshot is the new mode that pits the two teams on opposite sides of the arena defending lit up hexagons on the floor. The arena itself has been altered into a octagon shape. A new electrified ball destroys these panels on the floor if it hits them. One hit will make the panel glow, a second…

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For Honor – Heavies

For Honor - The Heavies تداول السوق السعودي اليوم The Heavies are the Tank class in For Honor. They have a very specific purpose. Soak up massive amounts of damage and defend zones on the game map. They have an insane amount of health points (HP) and are capable of landing a serious heavy blow. Their downside is that they are very slow. Heavies do not traverse the maps particularly well. They are much better suited to defending areas…

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