FIFA 17 Team of the Week (Weeks 1-3) Each week EA sports release a Team of the Week (TOTW), these teams are based on performances of the real players. When they have been selected EA then give these players a stat boost. The new cards can be obtained by buying packs. These cards will be in packs until the next TOTW is decided, but will remain in the game unless they are quick sold. This of course is…

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FIFA 16 – Best Defensive Players

السوق الاسهم السعودي تداول مباشر FIFA 16 – Top 10 Defensive Players This is the side of the game that a lot of the casual players forget. Defending is as much a part of FIFA 16 as it is real football, so whether your building an ultimate team, playing a career game or simply having a casual match against friends its still worth noting who are the best defensive players on FIFA 16. This list…

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FIFA16 – 10 Best Passers

سعر الذهب بالسعوديه The Best Passers of FIFA 16 We’ve looked at the fastest players and the best dribblers on FIFA 16, but that’s just one side of attacking football. You cant always just burst through with one player and take on the entire opposition, sometimes you need to unlock a defense with a pin point pass. So here is a look at the 10 best passers on the game. Player Passing Rating Overall…

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FIFA16 – 10 Best Dribblers

انظر رابط The Best Dribblers of FIFA 16 Following on from the list of the 20 Fastest Players in FIFA16 we now bring you the 20 best dribblers in FIFA16. Pace is one thing and can create a scoring chance on its own, but the ability to maneuver your way through a group of opponents with some silky skills should not be under estimated. Whether its done the wings or straight through the…

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

أفضل موقع FIFA 16 is to be released next Thursday on 24th September. And as always a lot of the hype will be around FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) There are a few changes to this years FUT game, on top of the obvious player changes, stat changes and values of each player. In FIFA 16 there will be a FUT draft, a new game that allows you to select a player for… Continue reading