Pokemon Go Raid Bosses

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مقالة - سلعة The Raids have begun. The multiplayer feature that was included in the last update has gone live. Raids will now appear alongside your nearby Pokemon scanner. When a Raid is due to begin it will appear in the Raid list with a time. The time is long long before the Raid is due to begin, giving you and your friends time to get their and prepare.  In order to participate…

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Pokemon Go update iOS 1.37.1 & Android 0.67.1

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إشارات تداول الخيارات الثنائية مجانا This latest Pokemon Go update is arguably the biggest to date in terms of features that are coming with it. Unfortunately that still doesn’t mean that player vs player battles are on the cards. That still seems a little way off. We do however have a big change to the way the Gyms are contested. There are also changes to the way the Pokemon on those Gyms behave. On top…

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