Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520

Turtle beach ear force stealth 520 box

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520 is a fully wireless 7.1 DTS Surround sound headset. Designed for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. This headset is designed for the true gamers with features such as Turtle Beaches SuperHuman Hearing tm. Giving players the ability to hear enemy footsteps and even gun reloads in the distance. This in turn provides total immersion in the game. The fully wireless headset allows for …

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Battlefield 1 Winter Update

The Battlefield 1 winter update is a massive one. It brings not only the usual bug fixes and weapon balancing that comes with many updates for many games but it also brings new features and new achievements to go after. And that means new rewards. The winter update bring s a freshness to Battlefield 1 that will bring players back to playing that may have moved on to different games …

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PlayStation Plus free games February 2017

PlayStation plus free games

It felt like there was a slight delay with the announcement of the PlayStation Plus free games for this month but now we have the full lineup to be able to show you what your PlayStation Plus membership will be giving you in the month of February. As always these games are free to anyone with an active PlayStation Plus subscription. And has become the norm now there are 6 …

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Titanfall 2 Controls (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 builds on its previous iteration while still staying true to the original game. This guide will give you the Titanfall 2 controls for both the Pilot and the Titans. Controller guides are for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC with Controller layout diagrams for the Xbox and the PlayStation versions. Its well worth learning the controls for the Pilots as well as the Titans as the Pilots have …

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FIFA 17 Celebration Controls

After scoring that all important goal you will of course want to celebrate. Of course simply celebrating yourself means your opponent (unless your in the same room) will not see you celebrations. The solution is to get your goal scorer to celebrate on the pitch. Below is a wide selection of different goal celebrations that your players can perform. Some of these celebrations you have to unlock in various parts …

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WWE 2K17 Controls (Xbox One + PS4)

Wrestling games are notorious for being difficult to control. Remembering what to do and when can be frustrating to say the least. Recent games have made this better with more use of the thumb sticks and less button mashing. It is still however a lot to remember. The difficulty comes with remembering what to press in what situation. In other games a single button does a single action, in wrestling …

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FIFA 17 Skill Moves

Every player in FIFA 17 has a skill rating between 1 and 5 stars. This rating shows which skill moves that particular player can pull off in a game. 1 star rated players can only do the very basic skills while 5 star rated players can do every available skill in FIFA 17. Players with 3 star rated skills can achieve all 3 star skills as well as 2 star …

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FIFA 17 Controls for Xbox and PlayStation

Before you start to take your FIFA playing skills to the next level you will want to make sure you know all of the basic controls. While most of the FIFA 17 controls are the same as last year year the odd change or extra control is added allowing for an extra type of pass or defensive style etc. All of these controls are based on the classic style. Changing your …

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