Clash Royale Card Stats – Barbarians

Barbarians feature image

انقر هنا الآن Barbarians hunt in packs, packs of 4 to be precise.  4 stylish mustaches coming at you can be a terrifying sight. They are unlocked early in the game (Arena 3) and have a pretty basic use. surround and destroy ground units and buildings. They are devastating if left alone in a group but separated or in reduced numbers can be fairly easy to take down. Barbarians can be used well for…

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Clash Royale Card Stats – Bandit

Bandit Feature image The Bandit is a Legendary card in Clash Royale with a unique “Dash” ability. The Bandit charges a dash ability for a short while and then sprints to the nearest ground target dealing extra damage on the first hit before continuing to attack the enemy. Once they have been killed the Bandit will dash again to the next closest enemy. The restriction is the Bandit cannot dash at close range…

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Ryse Son of Rome Controls (Xbox One)

Ryse son of Rome feature

الخيارات الثنائية حساب كبار الشخصيات Ryse Son of Rome was the release title for the Xbox One. Just recently it has become the headline game for the Xbox Live Games with Gold free games program (April 2017). And as we havent done a controller guide for Ryse as yet. Now would be the best time to add it to the list. Many people will able to Ryse for free and we are here to make… Continue reading

For Honor – Hybrids

For Honor Hybrids

زيارة موقعه على الانترنت Hybrids are a special type of character in For Honor. They borrow characteristics from the other classes to mold into something completely different. Unlike the other classes the Hybrids have different skills depending on which faction they are from. Hybrids can for-fill a variety of roles in the battle. While they will not be as adept at a particular task than the specific classes they can change roles throughout the… Continue reading

Evolve Controls Guide (Xbox One)

Evolve Feature

برنامج تحليل اسهم للايفون Evolve is free to download on the Xbox One for all Xbox Live subscribers from March 16th – April 15th. Not even 2 years old, this premium game is your to try and keep for free. Never a better time to try a new game than when its costs absolutely nothing. So if your trying Evolve for the first time because of the offer or if you just need some…

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For Honor – Assassins

For Honor Assassins

موقع ذات صلة The Assassins are the deadly warriors in For Honor. They are masters of dishing out massive damage in double quick time. They have a stealth like approach, superb speed and  incredible mobility. Playing using the Assassin class should be aware of their strengths but be more aware of the limitations. Assassins do not think too much about defending themselves. They are simply in the battle to dish out damage. Battle… Continue reading

For Honor – Vanguards The Vanguards, the multi-purpose, multi use all round jack of all trades in For Honor. This makes them sound like they may not be much use in a battle. There lack of specialized skills can be seen as a real problem to some players. To others however their lack of specilized strength is not a problem. The reason for that is their lack of weaknesses. The Vanguard can be played… Continue reading

For Honor Factions and Characters

For Honor Controls

تداول الخيارات الثنائية في نيجيريا In For Honor there are 3 factions to choose from when deciding what character to play as. The Vikings, the Knights and the Samurai. Within these factions there are 4 classes each with there own unique capabilities. While each character is essentially different. Each one of the For Honor Factions contains 4 similar classes. Each Faction has a warrior from the Vanguard, Assassin, Heavy and Hybrid class. This guide will…

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