FIFA 17 Controls for Xbox and PlayStation

Before you start to take your FIFA playing skills to the next level you will want to make sure you know all of the basic controls. While most of the FIFA 17 controls are the same as last year year the odd change or extra control is added allowing for an extra type of pass or defensive style etc. All of these controls are based on the classic style. Changing your …

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The Division Controls and Controller Layout

Tom Clancey’s The Division controls for Xbox, PS4 and the default key bindings for the PC version. Your adventure starts as Division agents fighting a conspiracy, a man made virus and those that created the virus. The Division is a tactical shooter like all of Tom Clancy inspired games. This means that your health is important, you cant just go Call of duty on the game running and gunning everywhere. …

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Far Cry Primal Controls Xbox One, PS4

Far Cry Primal

This is Far Cry Primal, this is the Stone age and this is your new fight for survival. Released on February 23rd on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This guide will help you get to grips with the Far Cry Primal Controls. We have a full list of controls and controller diagrams for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 versions. Far Cry Primal is the 5th in the …

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Rocket League Controls – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Rocket League

Rocket league has become a bit of a sensation out of nowhere, with a small games company coming up with a game that took the PS4 by storm. Combining next generation console graphics with a game that is simply fun to play, Rocket League gives you hours of pick up and play fun. Here we will give you the Rocket League Controls you will need to control your car and …

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Dying Light Controls – Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Dying light controls

Dying light is a survival game with two very different parts to it. The game changes from daytime to night time and back again and you have to play differently between the two. In the daytime you search the open world play area for everything you can find, you are the hunter, scavenging your way through through the wasteland that a deadly epidemic has left behind. But when the night …

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Star Wars Battlefront Controls

star wars battlefront controls

Join the rebellion or the empire to fight in massive 40 player online matches or take on challenges from the films in solo, online co-op or split screen modes. Star Wars Battlefront is one of the most visually appealing games to date showings its tremendous graphics on Xbox One PlayStation 4 and for the PC. Battle on foot, in one of the many ground based vehicles and even take to …

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D’Vorah moves and controls – MKX

D’Vorah is a half human, half insect fighter in Mortal Kombat X. She is a “Kytinn” a type of insect that lives in a human body. D’Vorah is under the allegiance of the outworld ruler Kotal Kahn. She has worked her way up in political power since her world was conquered by Shao Kahn. D’Vorah chose to the serve rather than become a slave and since then has become second in …

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Fallout 4 Controls and tips

Fallout 4 controls are for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Touted as the most ambitious open world game to date, Fallout 4 comes from the creators of the Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim and Fallout 3. The World in Fallout 4 can only be described as massive, with and endless amount of adventures and events that are never the same. Join factions, build settlements and prepare to battle what’s left of …

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