Clash Royale Balance Changes – 12/6/17

Clash Royale

zoomtrader الخيارات الثنائية This latest balance update for Clash Royale seems to have taken a while to come through. But never the less the change bell has been rung and the latest updates will be live on 12/6/17. As always the changes come into effect to change the games meta. This is the when the community figure out the best decks and counter decks and a lot of games tend to look quite…

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Clash Royale Balance update 19/4/17

Clash Royale

أسهم بنك الاهلي The monthly balance updates for Clash Royale are here again. About a week later than we expected but Supercell have told us that they wont be being held to a specific timescale for updates but that they will be released as and when they are ready. No new cards have been released for this update but the balance changes always provide a lot of fun for building new decks. As…

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Clash Royale Balance update – 13/3/2017

Clash Royale Another set of balance updates for clash royale are here. They have been a consistent once a month updates so far this year. Balance updates keep the game fresh and prevent the same decks from being the most effective all the time. By changing the stats of the most and least used cards each month it helps to create new decks and allow new systems to work. Clash Royale Balance…

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Clash Royale Balance Update – February 2017

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المستشار الخبير للفوركس Some  further balance updates are on the way for Clash Royale. The previous set of updates had given a slight decrease in the power of the Elite Barbarians after their almost complete domination since their release. Many other cards had taken a power hit as well in the previous round of balancing. This time although there are a few cards that have a slight power decrease in some way or…

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Clash Royale Balance Updates – January 2017

Clash Royale

موقع انترنت To keep Clash Royale fresh and fair, every month or so Super Cell make some fine adjustments to the cards power. The reasons for this are to keep the playing field varied and to prevent some cards from being completely pointless. To do this, the usage figures are checked to see if any of the cards are being used so much that it becomes obvious that they are over powered.…

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