Clash Royale Card Stats – Bomb Tower

bomb tower feature

أدخل The Bomb Tower is a defensive building which houses a bomber on the top. It has decent range and hitpoints so it will destroy swarm troops such as skeletons and goblins. It will also make light work of Barbarians and Guards. Its obvious weakness is air troops as the Bomb Tower is defenseless against them. Minions and Minion Hordes will take them down in seconds and the Baby Dragon can… Continue reading

Pokemon Go Raid Bosses

Pokemon Go logo

موقعنا على الانترنت The Raids have begun. The multiplayer feature that was included in the last update has gone live. Raids will now appear alongside your nearby Pokemon scanner. When a Raid is due to begin it will appear in the Raid list with a time. The time is long long before the Raid is due to begin, giving you and your friends time to get their and prepare.  In order to participate… Continue reading

Clash Royale Card Stats – Barbarians

Barbarians feature image Barbarians hunt in packs, packs of 4 to be precise.  4 stylish mustaches coming at you can be a terrifying sight. They are unlocked early in the game (Arena 3) and have a pretty basic use. surround and destroy ground units and buildings. They are devastating if left alone in a group but separated or in reduced numbers can be fairly easy to take down. Barbarians can be used well for…

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Clash Royale Card Stats – Bandit

Bandit Feature image The Bandit is a Legendary card in Clash Royale with a unique “Dash” ability. The Bandit charges a dash ability for a short while and then sprints to the nearest ground target dealing extra damage on the first hit before continuing to attack the enemy. Once they have been killed the Bandit will dash again to the next closest enemy. The restriction is the Bandit cannot dash at close range…

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Clash Royale Card Stats – Balloon

Balloon feature Balloons are one of the few cards in Clash Royale that still deals damage after it has been destroyed. The others are the Giant Skeleton, Golem and Ice Golem. It drops powerful bombs onto buildings when it reaches them, but after it has been destroyed it has one more surprise bomb left when will damage anything in its radius. Balloons can be taken down easily if not protected so sending…

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Clash Royale Card Stats – Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon Feature

اكتشاف هذه المعلومات هنا The Baby Dragon is a splash damage dealing air troop. Very effective at clearing swarms of ground troops, especially if they can’t attack the air. It is also very effective against smaller air troops such as Minions and the newly introduced Bats. Minion Hordes can inflict enough damage to take out the baby dragon but distract the horde for a second and the Baby Dragon will demolish them. The downside…

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Pokemon Go update iOS 1.37.1 & Android 0.67.1

Pokemon Go logo

أحببت هذا This latest Pokemon Go update is arguably the biggest to date in terms of features that are coming with it. Unfortunately that still doesn’t mean that player vs player battles are on the cards. That still seems a little way off. We do however have a big change to the way the Gyms are contested. There are also changes to the way the Pokemon on those Gyms behave. On top…

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Clash Royale Card Stats – Archers

Archers Feature

اسهم اسمنت من القراء Archers are a pair of support troops with the ability to fire upon both air and ground units. They have slightly more health than some other support troops such as the spear goblins or skeletons. This allows the archer to withstand an attack from common swarm killers such as Arrows, The Log or Zap, levels depending. The don’t have a large damage output each but being a pair, if left…

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