Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520

Turtle beach ear force stealth 520 box

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520 is a fully wireless 7.1 DTS Surround sound headset. Designed for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. This headset is designed for the true gamers with features such as Turtle Beaches SuperHuman Hearing tm. Giving players the ability to hear enemy footsteps and even gun reloads in the distance. This in turn provides total immersion in the game. The fully wireless headset allows for …

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Battlefield 1 Winter Update

The Battlefield 1 winter update is a massive one. It brings not only the usual bug fixes and weapon balancing that comes with many updates for many games but it also brings new features and new achievements to go after. And that means new rewards. The winter update bring s a freshness to Battlefield 1 that will bring players back to playing that may have moved on to different games …

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80+ new Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go

Niantic has finally announced that more Pokemon will be in the wild to catch at the end of this week. News that more than 80 new Pokemon will be well received by the remaining hardcore Pokemon Go fans and may well get a few people who had lost interest in the game to come back. This update also includes evolution’s of some Pokemon that that were in Generation 1. Your …

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Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Changes

Pokemon Go logo

Pokemon Go is currently in the middle of its Valentines event. This event brings many more of the pink variety of Pokemon to spawn. Lures last for 6 hours and Candy rewards are tripled during the event. Obviously this event required an update to the software. What didn’t seem to be published however in the initial release was the fact that some of the egg hatching distances have been altered. …

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Clash Royale Balance Update – February 2017

Clash Royale Logo

Some  further balance updates are on the way for Clash Royale. The previous set of updates had given a slight decrease in the power of the Elite Barbarians after their almost complete domination since their release. Many other cards had taken a power hit as well in the previous round of balancing. This time although there are a few cards that have a slight power decrease in some way or …

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Final Fantasy XV Controls (Xbox One, PS4)

Final Fantasy XV

Could you believe this is the 15th game in the Final Fantasy series. Thats not including any sequels, prequels and spin offs from the main series. This long running RPG has been hugely popular throughout the years since its original release in 1987 on the NES. It has since then made its way onto many consoles and hand held devices. Although Final Fantasy is in its 15th edition some of …

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PS4 system software update 4.50

Its almost time for a significant update to the PlayStation 4’s system software. Update version 4.50 brings with it a list of features that will be welcomed by PS4 players around the world. Some of you who are in the beta program will get early access to these features now. The rest of us however can still see what we have coming very shortly. If you have signed up to …

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PlayStation Plus free games February 2017

PlayStation plus free games

It felt like there was a slight delay with the announcement of the PlayStation Plus free games for this month but now we have the full lineup to be able to show you what your PlayStation Plus membership will be giving you in the month of February. As always these games are free to anyone with an active PlayStation Plus subscription. And has become the norm now there are 6 …

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