Parts of a Motherboard

Understanding your Motherboard – Internal components Understanding your motherboard is about pointing out what the bits of your motherboard actually do, if you are not used to building or upgrading your own machine you will want to know the ins and outs of the motherboard. The motherboard is a very important piece of equipment in your PC as it is connected to everything. Anything of major importance is plugged straight into the board. Some things on a …

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FIFA15 Review As regular as Christmas the annual FIFA football game is released with the usual updates of player models, stadiums, updated teams and player stats. But there is always a few things to get excited about with each new release. There has been a big focus on goalkeepers this year. The developers have always claimed that they known what they want to do in terms of making goalkeepers more realistic but have never …

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Welcome to the New PantherProducts

Welcome to the new PantherProducts Site. We have recently took the decision to move to a WordPress based site for a selection of reasons but this shouldn’t affect the website in many ways. Should you have come here looking for some of the older content, then don’t worry because the previous Vbulletin site content has not been removed you can still access it from this Link    

LED VS LCD Screens

LED Vs LCD Monitors The LED monitor is the new boy on the block. Both TV’s and monitors are being sold as LED TV’s and LED Monitors. both of these types of screen are in fact based on the same technology – the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The LED part is to do with how the display is lit. The LCD panel has an always on backlight to brighten the …

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FIFA14 Skill Moves and Star Ratings

Update – FIFA 15 Review, Controls, Skill Moves and 5 Star Skilled Players now available So you have mastered the standard controls from FIFA 14 and now you are ready to master the skill moves. Remember each player in FIFA 14 has a skill rating, this rating tells you which of the following skill moves a player can perform. A player with a skill rating of 3 can perform any skill move …

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FIFA 13 Controls and skill moves PS3 – XBOX 360

About a year or so ago, EA sports and a number of other publishers stopped including the little instruction manuals within their games. To be fair not many people read these anyway and a lot of the information that people were after were not even in them so no great loss. However other than the tutorial section within these games such as FIFA 13 there was no real way of …

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