FIFA 17 Skill Moves


Every player in FIFA 17 has a skill rating between 1 and 5 stars. This rating shows which skill moves that particular player can pull off in a game. 1 star rated players can only do the very basic skills while 5 star rated players can do every available skill in FIFA 17. Players with 3 star rated skills can achieve all 3 star skills as well as 2 star skills and 1 star skills. Some skills require a certain situation before they can be carried out. Such as the ball under complete control or while you are running etc. So here we have the full list of FIFA 17 skill moves for you to learn and memorise.

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FIFA 17 Skill Moves List

1 Star Skill Moves

Skill MovePlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
Ball Juggle (standing still)Hold L2 playstation button + Tap R1 Playstation ButtonHold Left Trigger + Tap Right Bumper
Foot Fake (Standing still)L1 Playstation Button + R1 Playstation ButtonLeft bumper + Right Bumper

2 Star Skill Moves

Skill MovePlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
Body Feint (left or right)Flick right thumb left or ps4-right-thumb-rightFlick right thumb left or ps4-right-thumb-right
Stepover (left or right)ps4-right-thumb-top-left or ps4-right-thumb-top-rightps4-right-thumb-top-left or ps4-right-thumb-top-right
Reverse Stepover (Left or Right)ps4-right-thumb-left-top or ps4-right-thumb-right-topps4-right-thumb-left-top or ps4-right-thumb-right-top
Ball Roll (Left or Right)Hold right thumb left or ps4-right-thumb-rightHold right thumb left or ps4-right-thumb-right
Drag back (Standing)R1 Playstation Button + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downRight Bumper + Flick Flick ps4-right-thumb-down

3 Star Skill moves

Skill MovePlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
Heel FlickFlick ps4-right-thumb-up, Flick ps4-right-thumb-downFlick ps4-right-thumb-up, Flick ps4-right-thumb-down
Flick upFlick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upFlick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-up
Roulette (left or right) Rotate rotate bottom anticlockwise or rotate down anticlockwiseRotate rotate bottom anticlockwise or rotate down anticlockwise
Fake left and go rightRotate ps4-right-thumb-left-down-rightRotate ps4-right-thumb-left-down-right
fake right and go leftRotate ps4-right-thumb-right-down-leftRotate ps4-right-thumb-right-down-left

4 Star Skill Moves

Skill MovePlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
Ball Hop (Standing)Tap R3 ButtonTap Right stick button
Ball roll cut leftHold ps4-right-thumb-right, Hold right thumb leftHold ps4-right-thumb-right, Hold right thumb left
Ball roll cut rightHoldright thumb left , Hold ps4-right-thumb-rightHoldright thumb left , Hold ps4-right-thumb-right
Heel to heel flickFlick ps4-right-thumb-up, Flick ps4-right-thumb-downFlick ps4-right-thumb-up, Flick ps4-right-thumb-down
Simple RainbowFlick ps4-right-thumb-down ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upFlick ps4-right-thumb-down ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-up
Advanced RainbowFlick ps4-right-thumb-down, Hold ps4-right-thumb-up, Flick ps4-right-thumb-upFlick ps4-right-thumb-down, Hold ps4-right-thumb-up, Flick ps4-right-thumb-up
Feint left exit rightRotate ps4-right-thumb-left-down-rightRotate ps4-right-thumb-left-down-right
Feint right exit leftRotate ps4-right-thumb-right-down-leftRotate ps4-right-thumb-right-down-left
Spin Leftright stick diagonal down leftright stick diagonal down leftright stick diagonal down leftright stick diagonal down left
Spin Rightps4-right-diagonal-downrightps4-right-diagonal-downrightps4-right-diagonal-downrightps4-right-diagonal-downright
Stop and turn left / right (running)Flick ps4-right-thumb-up, right thumb left / Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-rightFlick ps4-right-thumb-up, right thumb left / Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-right

5 Star Skill Moves

Skill MovePlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
ElasticoRotate ps4-right-thumb-right-down-leftRotate ps4-right-thumb-right-down-left
Reverse ElasticoRotate ps4-right-thumb-left-down-rightRotate ps4-right-thumb-left-down-right
Hocus Pocusdown-left-rotateps4-right-thumb-left-down-rightdown-left-rotateps4-right-thumb-left-down-right
Triple Elasticodown-right-rotateps4-right-thumb-right-down-leftdown-right-rotateps4-right-thumb-right-down-left
Ball roll and flick left (running)Hold ps4-right-thumb-right, Flick ps4-right-thumb-upHold ps4-right-thumb-right, Flick ps4-right-thumb-up
Ball roll and flick right (running)Hold right thumb left, Flick ps4-right-thumb-upHold xbob right thumb stick left, Flick xbob right thumb stick up
Quick ball rolls (standing)Hold ps4-right-thumb-downHold ps4-right-thumb-down
Sombrero flick (standing)Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-downFlick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-down
Turn and spin (left / right)Flick ps4-right-thumb-up,  right thumb left / Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-rightFlick ps4-right-thumb-up,  right thumb left / Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-right
Ball roll fake left (standing)Hold right thumb left, Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightHold right thumb left, Flick ps4-right-thumb-right
Ball roll fake right (standing)Hold ps4-right-thumb-right, Flick right thumb leftHold ps4-right-thumb-right, Flick right thumb left
Rabona Fake (jogging)L2 playstation button + square / Circle, Cross + left-thumb-downL2 playstation button + square / Circle, Cross + left-thumb-down
Elastico chop leftFlick ps4-right-thumb-downright thumb leftFlick ps4-right-thumb-downright thumb left
Elastico chop rightFlick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-rightFlick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-right

Juggling Tricks (all 5 star)

The following tricks are to be performed while your player is juggling the ball. They all require players with 5 star skill levels to perform.

Skill MovePlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
Laces flick upHold L2 playstation button + R1 Playstation ButtonHold Left Trigger + Right Bumper
Sombrero flick backwardsHold left-thumb-downHold left-thumb-down
Sombrero flick leftHold left-thumb-leftHold left-thumb-left
Sombrero flick rightHold left-thumb-rightHold left-thumb-right
Around the worldRotate right-thumb-360-anticlock or right-thumb-360-clockRotate right-thumb-360-anticlock or right-thumb-360-clock
Toe Bounce LeftHold right thumb leftHold right thumb left
Toe Bounce RightHold ps4-right-thumb-rightHold ps4-right-thumb-right
In air ElasticoFlick ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb left or flickright thumb leftps4-right-thumb-rightFlick ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb left or flickright thumb leftps4-right-thumb-right
Flick up for volleyHold left-thumb-upHold left-thumb-up
Chest Flickleft-thumb-up, tap left-thumb , Triple tap right-thumbleft-thumb-up, tap left-thumb , Triple tap right-thumb
T. Around the worldright-thumb-360-clockps4-right-thumb-upright-thumb-360-clockps4-right-thumb-up

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