FIFA 17 Celebration Controls

FIFA17After scoring that all important goal you will of course want to celebrate. Of course simply celebrating yourself means your opponent (unless your in the same room) will not see you celebrations. The solution is to get your goal scorer to celebrate on the pitch. Below is a wide selection of different goal celebrations that your players can perform. Some of these celebrations you have to unlock in various parts of FIFA 17 such as purchasing them from the EA catalouge and some can only be performed by the most agile of players. Then there are Running celebrations and finishing celebrations to use. So here is the list of FIFA 17 Celebrations and how to do them all.

FIFA 17 Celebration Controls – Running Moves

ActionPlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
One arm RaisedHold CircleHold B Button
Thumb SuckHold squareHold X Button
Ear TwistHold TriangleHold Y button
Finger PointsTap Circle then Hold CircleTap B Button then Hold B Button
Arms OutTap square then Hold squareTap X Button then Hold X Button
Wrist FlickTap Triangle then Hold TriangleTap Y button the Hold Y button
AeroplaneHold down Right Thumb Stick Right Thumb StickHold down xbob right thumb stick Right Thumb Stick
Point to SkyHold ps4-right-thumb-upHold ps4-right-thumb-up
Shhhhh!Hold ps4-right-thumb-rightHold ps4-right-thumb-right
Telephone Hold ps4-right-thumb-downHold ps4-right-thumb-down
Can you Hear Me? Hold right thumb left Hold right thumb left
Hands Out Flick ps4-right-thumb-right then Hold right thumb leftFlick ps4-right-thumb-right then Hold right thumb left
Come On! Flick right thumb left then Hold ps4-right-thumb-rightFlick right thumb left then Hold ps4-right-thumb-right
Blow Kisses Flick ps4-right-thumb-down then Hold ps4-right-thumb-upFlick ps4-right-thumb-down then Hold ps4-right-thumb-up
Double Arm Swing Flick ps4-right-thumb-up then Hold ps4-right-thumb-downFlick ps4-right-thumb-up then Hold ps4-right-thumb-down
Flying Bird Flick ps4-right-thumb-right then Hold ps4-right-thumb-rightFlick ps4-right-thumb-right then Hold ps4-right-thumb-right
Head on Head Flick right thumb left then Hold right thumb leftFlick right thumb left then Hold right thumb left
Heart Symbol Flick ps4-right-thumb-down then Hold ps4-right-thumb-downFlick ps4-right-thumb-down then Hold ps4-right-thumb-down
Arms Pointing Up Flick ps4-right-thumb-up then Hold ps4-right-thumb-upFlick ps4-right-thumb-up then Hold ps4-right-thumb-up
WindmillRotate  right-thumb-360-clock Rotate right-thumb-360-clock

FIFA 17 Celebration Controls – Finishing Moves

ActionPlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
Point to the SkyHold l1 + Press CircleHold Left bumper + Press B Button
Show RespectHold l1 + Double Tap CircleHold Left bumper + Double Tap B Button
Spanish DanceHold L2 playstation button + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upHold Left Trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-up
Belly FlopHold l1 + Press squareHold Left bumper + Press X Button
Riding the WaveHold l1 + Press TriangleHold Left bumper + Press Y button
TriangleHold l1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-downHold Left Trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-down
Big ManHold l1 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-rightHold Left bumper + Hold ps4-right-thumb-right
Baby GirlHold l1 + Hold right thumb leftHold Left bumper + Hold right thumb left
Chest SlideHold l1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-upHold Left bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-up
Point UpHold l1 + Flick right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-rightHold Left bumper + Flick right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-right
Signiture Finishing MovePress CrossPress A button
Backflip (Agile Players)Hold l1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upHold Left bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-up
Arms to the CrowdHold l1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upHold Left bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-up
Hand Spring (Agile Players)Hold l1 + Rotate right-thumb-360-clockHold Left bumper + Rotate right-thumb-360-clock
Roll and PunchHold l1 + Rotate right-thumb-360-clockHold Left bumper + Rotate right-thumb-360-clock
Floor SpinHold l1 + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlockHold Left bumper + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlock
TimberHold L2 playstation button + Press CircleHold Left Trigger + Press B Button
ViolinistHold L2 playstation button + Press squareHold Left Trigger + Press X Button
Spanish ArcherHold L2 playstation button + Press TriangleHold Left Trigger + Press Y button
Hands on EarsHold L2 playstation button + Double Tap squareHold Left Trigger + Double Tap X Button
Stomach SlideHold L2 playstation button + Double Tap TriangleHold Left Trigger + Double Tap Y button
Knee Slide Arms OutHold L2 playstation button + Hold ps4-right-thumb-upHold Left Trigger + Hold ps4-right-thumb-up
I Cant Hear YouHold L2 playstation button + Hold ps4-right-thumb-rightHold Left Trigger + Hold ps4-right-thumb-right
Side Slide Hold L2 playstation button + Hold ps4-right-thumb-downHold Left Trigger + Hold ps4-right-thumb-down
Brick FallHold L2 playstation button + Hold right thumb leftHold Left Trigger + Hold right thumb left
Knee SlideHold L2 playstation button + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-downHold Left Trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-down
Samba DanceHold L2 playstation button + Flick right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-rightHold Left Trigger + Flick right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-right
Who am IHold L2 playstation button + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb leftHold Left Trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb left
Knee Slide to SitHold L2 playstation button + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-downHold Left Trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-down
Knee Slide FailHold L2 playstation button + Flick right thumb leftright thumb leftHold Left Trigger + Flick right thumb leftright thumb left
Flip (Agile Players)Hold L2 playstation button + Rotate right-thumb-360-clockHold Left Trigger + Rotate right-thumb-360-clock
CartwheelHold L2 playstation button + Rotate right-thumb-360-clockHold Left Trigger + Rotate right-thumb-360-clock
Twist Flip (Agile Players)Hold L2 playstation button + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlockHold Left Trigger + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlock
Cartwheel RollHold L2 playstation button + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlockHold Left Trigger + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlock
RugbyHold r2 + Press Right Thumb StickHold right-trigger + Press Right Thumb Stick
Elbow (Dab)Hold r1 + Double Tap TriangleHold Right Bumper + Double Tap Y button
Kiss the PitchHold r2 + Double Tap CircleHold right-trigger + Double Tap B Button
The SaluteHold r1 + Press TriangleHold Right Bumper + Double Tap Y button
Chest ThumbHold r2 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-downHold right-trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-down
Push it DownHold r1 + Double Tap CircleHold Right Bumper + Double Tap B Button
Glamour SlideHold r1 + Flick right thumb leftright thumb left Hold Right Bumper + Flick right thumb leftright thumb left

FIFA 17 Celebration Controls – Pro Unlockables

ActionPlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
Many BowsHold  r2 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-upHold right-trigger + Hold ps4-right-thumb-up
PardonHold  r2 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-rightHold right-trigger + Hold ps4-right-thumb-right
Fall to Knees and BegHold  r2 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-downHold right-trigger + Hold ps4-right-thumb-down
BackFlipsHold  r2 + Double Tap squareHold right-trigger + Double Tap X Button
Slide on BackHold r1 + Double Tap squareHold Right Bumper + Double Tap X Button
CockroachHold r1 + Press Right Thumb StickHold Right Bumper + Press Right Thumb Stick
River DanceHold r1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upHold Right Bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-up
Break DanceHold r1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightps4-right-thumb-rightHold Right Bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightps4-right-thumb-right
Praise on KneesHold r2 + Hold right thumb leftHold right-trigger + Hold right thumb left
Backwards WormHold r1 + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlockHold Right Bumper + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlock
Uncontrolled BackflipHold r2 + Rotate right-thumb-360-clockHold right-trigger + Rotate right-thumb-360-clock
HandstandHold r2 + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlockHold right-trigger + Rotate right-thumb-360-anticlock
Spin and FallHold r2 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-upHold right-trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-up
Rowing on KneesHold r2 + Flick right thumb leftright thumb leftHold right-trigger + Flick right thumb leftright thumb left
Seated RowingHold r2 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightps4-right-thumb-rightHold right-trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightps4-right-thumb-right
Knee WalkHold r2 + Press squareHold right-trigger + Press X Button
Cradle SwingHold r2 + Press TriangleHold right-trigger + Press Y button
BabyHold r2 + Double Tap TriangleHold right-trigger + Double Tap Y button
Flying DiveHold r1 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-upHold Right Bumper + Hold ps4-right-thumb-up
Karate KicksHold r1 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-rightHold Right Bumper + Hold ps4-right-thumb-right
Jump KicksHold r1 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-downHold Right Bumper + Hold ps4-right-thumb-down
Ice SkatingHold r1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-upHold Right Bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-up
Golf SwingHold r1 + Flick right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-rightHold Right Bumper + Flick right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-right
Dance 1Hold r2 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-upHold right-trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-up
Dance 2Hold r2 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-downHold right-trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-down
Dance 3Hold r2 + Flick right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-rightHold right-trigger + Flick right thumb leftps4-right-thumb-right
Dance 4Hold r2 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb leftHold right-trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb left

FIFA 17 Celebration Controls – EAS FC Unlockables

ActionPlayStation ControlsXBOX Controls
KOHold l1 + Double Tap squareHold Left bumper + Double Tap X Button
Right Here Right NowHold r1 + Press CircleHold Right Bumper + Press B Button
Hand BiteHold L2 playstation button + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-upHold Left Trigger + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-up
Stand TallHold r1 + Hold right thumb leftHold Right Bumper + Hold right thumb left
Kiss the WristHold L2 playstation button + Double Tap CircleHold Left Trigger + Double Tap B Button
Old ManHold L2 playstation button + Press Right Thumb StickHold Left Trigger + Press Right Thumb Stick
The BearHold l1 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-upHold Left bumper + Hold ps4-right-thumb-up
MotorbikeHold l1 + Hold ps4-right-thumb-downHold Left bumper + Hold ps4-right-thumb-down
Bailando RobotHold l1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-downHold Left bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-down
MueveloHold l1 + Flick  ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb leftHold Left bumper + Flick  ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb left
Patty CakeHold l1 + Flick  ps4-right-thumb-rightps4-right-thumb-rightHold Left bumper + Flick  ps4-right-thumb-rightps4-right-thumb-right
Muscle FlexHold r1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-downHold Right Bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-upps4-right-thumb-down
Push UpsHold r1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb leftHold Right Bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-rightright thumb left
The WormHold r1 + Rotate right-thumb-360-clockHold Right Bumper + Rotate right-thumb-360-clock
DanceHold r1 + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-downHold Right Bumper + Flick ps4-right-thumb-downps4-right-thumb-down
Prancing BirdHold r1 + Press squareHold Right Bumper + Press X Button
Gallop DanceHold l1 + Right Thumb StickHold Left bumper + Right Thumb Stick


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