Destiny Controls – Xbox / Playstation

destiny boxesFrom the Creators of Halo comes a new open world First Person Shooter and Adventure game “Destiny”. Bungie Studios have created what they are calling a shared world shooter. Play alone or join forces in strikes and raids.  Set 700 years in the future humans had colonised the planets of the solar system, spreading out across the galaxy. But a mysterious event known as the Collapse threatened to turn humanity into an extinct species, that would of happened if it was not for the “traveller” a white spherical celestial being that appeared centuries before enabling humans to prosper under it and giving them the ability to reach the stars. Its now protects the remaining humans on Earth.

You are a guardian the last defence of Earth with an unknown power granted to you by the Traveller to help protect earth from the hostile alien colonies which have already taken over the former Human inhabited plants of the solar system.

The controls for the Xbox and PlayStation versions are below with diagrams for the Xbox One and PS4.

Destiny Controls for Xbox One / 360

destiny controls X1


Destiny Controls for PS4 / PS3

destiny controls ps4


Action PlayStation Controls XBOX 360 Controls
Move Left Thumb Stick
Left Thumb Stick
Left Thumb Stick
xbox left thumb stick
Look / Aim Right Thumb Stick
Right Thumb Stick
Right Thumb Stick
xbob right thumb stick
Look down sights L2 playstation button Left Trigger
Fire Weapon R2 Right Trigger
Melee R1 Playstation Button Right Bumper
Grenade L1 Playstation Button Left bumper
Jump Cross A button
Crouch Circle B Button
Reload square X Button
Activate square X Button
Swap Weapon Triangle Y button
Select Heavy Weapon  Hold Triangle  Hold Y button
Access Inventory Options Button Menu Button
Summon Ghost Select / Touchpad Back / View
Salute D-Pad Down
D-pad Down
D-Pad Down  xbxo dpad down
Wave D-Pad Up
D-Pad up
D-Pad Up  xbox d-pad up
Point D-Pad Left
D-Pad Left
D-Pad Left  xbox d-pad left
Dance D-Pad Left
D-Pad Left
D-Pad Left  xbox d-pad left


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