USB Type C – A new breed of USB USB Type C is a fully fledged standard now and devices with this connection will be out in the shops. But what exactly is USB Type C and how does it differ from other USB connections. It was created at roughly the same time as the new USB 3.1 standard however they revolve around completely different things. The type of the connector represents the physical plug and its pins, wires…

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Xbox One Update March 2016 – Preview التجاره بذهب Another update is due for the Xbox one this march and there is quite a few things to go through this time. The update is currently in Preview stage at the moment so it will be available to preview members to test before going live on all systems. So what do we have to look forward to this month? The highlights include the ability to buy backwards compatible Xbox 360…

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Xbox One November Update Today is the release day of the November Update for Xbox one. We know they are monthly but this one is a little extra special than previous updates, because this is the one where your Xbox one will start to be able to play Xbox 360 games. Starting with Approximately 100 games from the Xbox 360 back catalogue each month more games will be added to the list of backwards…

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CPU Maximum Temperatures

اكتشف Following on from our cooling article we look at CPU maximum temperatures. Even though we use fans,  heatsinks and even more elaborate cooling techniques  CPU temperatures can still raise quite high if they are being used at full power for a long period of time. Using CPU’s at high temperatures can cause system crashes in the short term and in the long term cause the life of your CPU to be…

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