Should I buy a 4K TV If there is a buzz word in every area of technology then the current one in the world of televisions is 4K. You will of heard of 4K in technology reviews, TV adverts and in your local shops. But should you buy a 4K TV? or more to the point should you buy a 4K TV just yet. 4K or sometimes called Ultra HD is the next generation of TV’s…

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LED VS LCD Screens

الربح من الخيارات الثنائية LED Vs LCD Monitors The LED monitor is the new boy on the block. Both TV’s and monitors are being sold as LED TV’s and LED Monitors. both of these types of screen are in fact based on the same technology – the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The LED part is to do with how the display is lit. The LCD panel has an always on backlight to brighten the…

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