Knowing the capabilities of your Digital Camera

لدينا نظرة خاطفة على هذا الموقع على شبكة الإنترنت Not all Digital Cameras are the same obviously, and as such its a very good idea to learn what your camera can do. The manual is a good place to start but hopefully you have researched what you want from your camera before purchasing it. What you really want to know is what your camera does well, this comes from some experimenting. Take many shots on different settings in different…

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Digital Cameras – Getting the best shot

رافعة مالية The Digital Cameras hardware specifications are not the only thing however that will affect the quality of the image that you see, there are a lot of options that will be built into many of the models that can dramatically or subtly change the image to allow you get what you want from your shot. Some of the settings are more complex while some very simple changes can yield far…


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Digital Cameras – The Basics

الاسهم السعوديه مباشر Like most things in life when your experiencing something for the first time you are often unsure how to go about it. The same can be true when buying your first digital camera. You will undoubtedly be inundated with facts, figure and more jargon than you know what to do with. We will attempt in this article to help you along with some of the jargon and show you what…

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Digital Vs Optical Zoom When buying a digital camera in today’s market one of the factors that you will undoubtedly be looking at the power of the zoom function. Unfortunately people who are not so experienced in this field are starting to be a little mislead. Manufacturers are claiming a zoom function called digital zoom, or they are adding up the total zoom of their optical zoom and digital zoom for a total zoom…

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