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    Barely a day after announcing a new feature that week make it easier to catch certain pokemon types depending on what you have caught before, Niantic has announced another change to the game play that won’t be far away.

    This time the change will revolve around gym battles. While battling other teams gyms you were able to select 6 pokemon to take it down. Training at your own gym however meant you could only use the one. This often meant leveling up your gym took a very long time to do. Now Niantic has said in an update soon to come. You will be able to select 6 pokemon while training at the gym as well. This should see an up turn in gym activity as more people are able to actively take part in gym battles and defending.

    That’s not all however they also say that the pokemon CP in the gyms will be adjusted to your level when training (not when taking over another teams gym) this means that even lower level and new players will be able to help defend their local gym.

    This is good news for fair play in the pokemon go world. But it will have another effect. Many more people will take on gym battles and gyms will turn over more quickly. This means that holding on to a gym will be harder and you will have to use many more revives and potions to keep your pokemon healthy. So don’t waste or discard your revives and potions like you may have been doing before. Your going to start needing them very soon.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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