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Your keys tend to go everywhere with you but your keyring can hold so much more than just keys. They can hold many different kinds of useful technologies that can be transported around with you as easily as your keys and will make life on the go much easier. A lot of these ideas have come from small businesses using crowd funded sites like kickstarter and have given us simple solutions to problems that many of can face while at work or away from home, basically when we don't have all of full sized creature comforts with us. Sometimes it seems like these are solutions to problems that don't even exist but then you find yourself wishing you had that one little device with you that you always have at home. So lets take a look at some of the devices that you can buy to make your life that little bit easier, or at worst some nice little gadgets that are fun to use.

Nomad ChargeKey

A neat little device which was funded by the Indiegogo crowd funding platform. The startup company Nomad has designed and manufactured USB sync and data cable that is as small as a key that allows you to sync or charge you device wherever there is a USB port available. The design allows you to always keep a sync cable with you by hanging it on your keys. Now you can never be without the ability to add that charge to your smartphone while your out. Just plug it in. Nobody carries actual USB sync cable around with them so this is an ideal solution if you ever need to copy files to computers or are likely to need to share data at a moments notice, the ChargeKey is always with you because your keys are always with you.

Nomad ChargeKey

Above is a picture of the iPhone 5 version of the ChargeKey with the Lightning connection, but the Charge Key does also come in a Micro USB format so Android phone users and other Micro USB devices are not excluded. Unfortunately there is no pre-lightning connection iPhones supported so no 30-pin plugs on the end of this device I'm afraid. But this is a Modern idea and made to fit the modern devices. Like we mentioned before the ChargeKey is cable of charging and syncing a device but we suspect that this will be mostly used for charging purposes. It will be especially useful in conjunction with portable charging devices as you will no longer have to carry the long tangled cable around with you as well as the portable charger which is much easier to transport.

The ChargeKey is small but it is also very flexible making it easy to connect to any USB port that available to use. It will hang from monitor USB ports and bend to fit round awkward gaps so you can gain a charge anywhere.


This little piece of kit I really like, its simple it fits most smartphones and it solves so many problems that I have faced that I can see its appeal straight away. The Keyprop does exactly what you it sounds like, Its a key shaped smartphone prop that allows your screen to be angles towards you with you having to hold it. everyone reads things on there phone and they like to watch things as well, also take pictures and they all involve you holding the phone. the Keyprop solves this problem. How many of you have been in this situation, you are with friends at work or in a pub or cafe and you want to show your mates a video or you want to watch the footy on sky go or BT sport etc. you get anything you can find to prop up your phone, salt and pepper pots behind your phone anyone? Using a stack of others phones to keep the angle right to watch the screen? We've all been there and most of the time it doesn't work or it works for a while then someone nudges the table and your phone falls down flat, annoying ! The Keyprop is the solution to this problem. Another Kickstarter funded project that has come good and got all the backing it needed to get the product out there.

keyprop smartphone stand

As you can see from the picture above the Keyprop fits a wide variety of smartphones not limited to the ones in the picture. It can also work with with phones in cases providing the cases are not overly thick. For android phones the Keyprop fits into the headphone socket and uses the front prong as support which keeps the phone steady while your watching your video etc. With the iPhone 5 the Keyprop fits into the lightning connect slot directly and it stable enough with that alone. Using the Keyprop with the iPhone 5 does give the added advantage of the headphone socket being free so you can listen with headphones if you wish. Changing the angle of the screen is as easy as changing the position of the Keyprop on your keys, as long as your keys are stable then your smartphone will remain stable. See the example below to see how to change the angle of your screen.

keyprop positions and angles

That's not all you get with the Keyprop though. The other wonderful feature is that it comes with a camera app that allows you to clap to set a timer in order to take a picture. Combine this with the Keyprop itself and you have a ready made tripod in order to take snapshots of your self and your mates, now you can all be in the picture. its a simple app but one that's really useful if you like taking lots of snaps and your always left out of them. All you have to do is set the angle check the shot is right, walk over to where you want to be and clap, then the timer will start and take the picture. You don't have to use the clap app of course you can set a manual timer which can be useful if your in a noisy environment. Unfortunately this app is only available for iOS which is a shame for Android and Windows users but we hope this changes soon.

The Keyprop is currently available in the US http://www.amazon.com/Keyprop-Keychain-Stand-Iphones-Smartphones/dp/B00FZ6HTH6

We will be adding more soon so come back to this page for more ideas that you can hang on your keychain.

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