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» Graphics Cards - Articles and Guides

Graphics card articles

Articles on Graphics Cards - Graphics cards produce the images you see on your monitor. But they have a bigger function in most PC's these days, they power the graphics in games using different technologies to enhance the visual effects you see on screen as well as take a huge amount of processing off the main CPU. to be a true gamer you need a decent graphics card. These articles below will help you get started.

Recent Articles

Optimizing your Images - Speed up your websites performance by optimizing the images you use. Getting the right file type can save bandwidth and improve the quality of your images

3D gaming on the PC - Setup your PC with the capability to do 3D gaming and experience the hundreds of games that can be played in glorious 3D

What is your Graphics Card - What exactly is a graphics card and function does it have inside your PC. A basic guide to graphics cards.

Anti-Aliasing - What is Anti-Aliasing and FSAA and why do we require it in modern graphics and games. Anti-Aliasing improves the quality of images in either games or static images.

Other Graphics Articles

Crossfire - ATI's solution to dual graphics card systems. Crossfire gives you the ability to run two Radeon cards together for optimal performance.

Crossfire X & 3 Way SLI - Ever thought about have 3 or even 4 graphics cards inside your PC? Well now the technology is available, its expensive but does it give you all the benefits that you might expect?

Installing a graphics card - You've bought a nice new graphics card. But don't just stick it in your machine. Installing it correctly could keep your PC in better health.

Graphics Card Comparison - Check the specs of some of the older graphics cards, perfect for older systems and systems not requiring to play the latest games.

Graphics Card Comparison II - We take a look at a second set of graphics cards as the newer cards are released. looking at the Geforce 6 series and the Radeon X range.

Graphics Card Comparison 3 - Another generation of Graphics cards and time for another spec comparison. Looking at the Geforce 7800 GTX and the X1000 series from ATI.

SLI and Multi GPU - NVIDIA launches an SLI solution for the Geforce 6800 series. Twice the power, unbelievable speed. SLI is available for most of the newer Geforce cards from NVIDIA.


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LaCie Fuel 1TB External Wireless Hard Drive

Mar 09, 2014 - 10:24 AM - by The Panther

The LaCie Fuel is the external wireless storage device that offers you more. Yes it gives you the 1TB or storage space that can accessed wirelessly by a number of different devices but it also gives you the ability to stream media from it to up to 5 different devices simultaniously. This means that while your streaming a movie from the LaCie Fuel someone else can be accessing the music library and listning to songs and others can be flicking through the pictures that you have taken. The Lacie fuel... [Read More]

Technology that travels with your keys

Feb 28, 2014 - 6:41 PM - by The Panther

When you travel, even if its only to work then you always take your keys with you, but what if your keyring could more than just your keys? some people, business poeple or maybe just techies already carry USB drives on their keys to transfer data from place to place or to simply have it with them whereever they are. Having one of these on your keys is a great idea but wy stop at that, there are plenty of things around that can fit on your keys that coulb make your life easier. And you wont have to bulk up... [Read More]

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