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Samsung Galaxy S5 Revealed

Everyone is always waiting for the next improvements in phones and other gadgets, what has been upgraded and what new features will be on their devices for the coming years. Before these devices get released for sale they get a revealed and conferences around the world, recently the Samsung reveal conference was held and the Galaxy S5 was showcased along with some other devices such as the new galaxy gear and the galaxy fit smart wrist devices. But lets have a look at what's new in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5Design

The design of the Galaxy S5 is vey similar to previous S4 model, at least from the front anyway. The screen size has marginally increased to 5.1 inches and stays with a full HD screen. Other than that it would be very difficult to distinguish between the S4 and the S5 looking at the front. From the back you will see a slight change. Samsung has stuck with the plastic backing like the the previous generations of the galaxy smartphone despite rumors that they would go to a metal backing. The plastic back is different than the S4 however as it has a matt finish as opposed to the glossy S4 it also has a dimpled design, both i presume is in order to help with the grip of the phone, knowing that thousands of phone are dropped and cracked on a regular basis. So not a massive design change for the Galaxy S5

The Camera

The Cameras on smartphones have been getting better with each iteration its actually one of the fastest improving parts of the smartphone, but there is only so far you can go by increasing megapixels all the time. Remember more megapixels after a point will not increase the quality of an image on your screen. a 1080P shot will only a need a camera with a megapixel rating of 2.07. So basically a 2MP camera is enough to display a full quality image at 1080P that puts things into a little bit of perspective. Read more on How many Megapixels do you need. Just for information purposes the Galaxy S5 ships with a 16 Megapixel Camera so that's more than enough for a camera phone.

So if increasing megapixels is not to answer to improving the camera on your smart phone, then what's next? Well according to Samsung its speed. Sounds odd a camera takes the shot when you press the shoot button, but speed isn't about how quickly the camera can take a shot but its how quickly it can take a great shot. To do this the camera needs to gain the correct focus in a speedy manner. To do this the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a feature called phase-detect autofocus. This technology allows the galaxy S5's camera to focus on the scene in 0.3 seconds which is quick enough to capture even the fleetest of images.  Testing of this feature is limited so we will have to wait until the phones release until we can see how it really works in real world situations. The S5's camera can also record in 4K or Ultra HD at 30 Frames per second. So if your lucky enough to own some technology that can display Ultra HD then you can enjoy your recordings in glorious ultra definition.

Fingerprint Scanner

Will this work better than the facial recognition security measure? probably. The Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint scanner built into the main physical button on the bottom of the device. This is used to lock and unlock the phone and can also be used to confirm PayPal payments once this has been setup. Tis could turn out to be a bit of a gimmick a bit of a show your mates type of thing but ultimately its use could be limited. This feature is also not completely new as the iPhone 5s also has a fingerprint scanner and because its not really been making any waves its safe to say having it on your galaxy device isn't going to change whether you purchase one or not.

Heart Rate Monitor

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the S5 comes as part of Samsung's health package. The Galaxy S5 is fitted with a heart rate monitor. Bit odd for a phone you might think, but its been a while since phones were really just phones they are portable devices that are part of out lives and everything they do extra is a bonus. The heard rate Monitor works in conjunction with Samsung's own health software S-Heath 3.0. To use simply place your index finger on the monitor below the camera's flash light and the device will read your heart rate and with the software will give you details on your work out and suggestions on how to improve it. This also goes well with another of Samsung's new releases called the Gear fit wrist band.

Power and Performance

The processor in the Galaxy S5 has been ramped up to a 2.5Ghz Quad core setup which will significantly boost the performance, it has also been equipped with 2GBs of RAM which will support all that processing power with regular data to crunch. The Galaxy S5 will not be short on power. Will this effect its Battery life, unsure at the moment. The S4 didn't have a bad battery life it wasn't the best but it was far from the worst and that was equipped with a 2600mAh battery. The S5 has been fitted with the 2800mAh battery. When it comes to Battery life then more is certainly better but does it last longer with that extra power under the hood? Time will tell on this one, but we expect the battery life to be no less that the S4. The device will be sold in 16GB and 32GB versions but as always with Samsung phones there will be a MicroSD card slot to expand the memory capacity up to 128GB.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 also has the latest Wi-Fi technology including complying to the 802.11ac standard which offers the highest Wi-Fi transfer throughput rate to date and it backwards compatible with older routers if you don't have the latest router at home. It also has a feature Samsung calls download booster which combines Wi-Fi and LTE to increase download speeds.

Operating System

Android 4.2.2 or KitKat as it is known commercially will be shipped as standard on the Galaxy S5. KitKat features new items such as the ability to launch the Google search engine using only your voice in much the same way as you turn on the Xbox One with the "Xbox On" command you can instruct your phone to bring up the Google search engine by simply saying "OK Google". KitKat also features a new contacts screen with your favourite or most used contacts in a separate menu making then easier to find. Finding local business number is also easier as you can search for these in your address book even if you haven't go the number stored Google will use the same database it uses in Google maps in order to find that number for you and have it ready to be dialed at the touch of a button.

Worth the Upgrade?

This is always the question isn't it. Do I upgrade to the latest phone or wait for the next one or even keep the one I have. My answer is usually the same when a new phone comes out, if your due for a renewal on your contract then yes go for it, the extra power with the new quad core processor and 2GBs of RAM will mean you can have all the latest Apps and games running smoothly on your device while downloading at the fastest speeds you can get. But its not really worth buying out your contract to get one of you have the S4 for example. While its an improvement its not revolutionary. The best upgrade except for the power is probably the snappy camera but if your that desperate to have an excellent camera do you not have a decent separate camera and not relying on your phone to take all your pictures.

Buying the S5 without contract could set you back up to 600 which is a lot to pay for a phone when you consider what type of computer / console / tablet you can get for that money. The actual price is yet to be disclosed but we think this is not going to far off the mark. The release date will be sometime in April for the UK and will be available from O2, Vodafone, EE, Three, Phones 4U and the Carphone Warehouse.

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