Game: Resogun
Platform: Ps4

Genre: Shoot 'em up


Well if your buying this game for the storyline you pretty much are going to be wasting your money or are slightly retarded, there is no sort of storyline because this game doesn't really need one, your main mission is to save the last humans.....that's it.

Gameplay 7/10

With three ships to choose from you have some variation to how easy or difficult you want it to be aside from the 4 level options found in the game from "rookie", "experienced", "veteran" and "master" each having their own unique challenges in difficulty. This game is punishing for those who play it for the first time and there are plenty of "WTF, How did i die?" moments. If your the kind of person who likes to focus on 20 million different things happening on your screen then you're going to love this game.

The controls to the game are relatively simple, your left stick moves your ship up, down, left and right, your right stick shoots your gun left or right. R1 is your bomb. L1 is boost and L2 is to fling your human. The controls are easy to get used to and work well with the games almost side scrolling type game play. If you enjoyed Stardust HD then this will be right up your street as its made by the same chaps.

Fun factor 9/10

This game is really fun but also very frustrating at times when you cannot do a level, its very challenging and the game adds extra challenges by giving you a target to save all the humans on each level. The game itself is also completely playable in Co-op which also adds to the fun, so you can jump in with your mates and play together.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics are how you'd expect them to be on a Ps4....incredible, the visuals of explosions and enemies firing their bullets at you and the enemies themselves leaves the eyes in awe as your playing through this 3D world. The only thing basic about the game is the human look (green men in the shape of minecraft style characters), however this is a sci-fi game so its intended plus helps you locate them when they are running around your screen.

Multiplayer 7/10

This game allows you to play Co-op throughout the entire campaign which is really fun if you are in party chat and communicating. even if you both don't have mic's its still a good laugh. Nothing overly done and nothing too boring, this game has a fine balance which is what you'd expect with this kind of game.

Re-play value 7/10

If you relish the challenge of completing the game on each difficulty then this game has some real replay value, its one that you can pick up even after completing it and still enjoy.

Trophy difficulty

This trophy set is pretty challenging, there are a few trophies that will take a good few attempts to do, having said that with two players its a little easier to do the harder levels however you will need to do these on your own to unlock the Master difficulty which can be frustratingly difficult. All in all it took me around 3-4 hours to 100% this game, as some trophies only require one of you (if playing co-op) to have passed the criteria and you both get the trophy (one of these is not loosing all your lives).

Total: 48/70