EA Sports has re-iterated that the buying and selling of FIFA Ultimate Team coins is strictly prohibited. EA have issued a statement updating its users of a banning system in place for people who abuse the system. They state that the buying and selling of coins on the internet has let to a large number of BOTS on the servers buying and selling players at a high speed not only causing server issues leading to problems for real players but also upsetting the trading market for Ultimate Team.

EA Sports have started a warning system for accounts that break the rules. And are as follows

For any coin buying or coin buying promotion

1st Offense - e-mail warning and a message in your FIFA Game
2nd Offence - FUT reset with your points being returned to you and you start from scratch
3rd Offence - Permanent FIFA Online Ban

For any FUT Coin selling violations

Permanent Online Ban for all EA games

​Don't get caught out