Isn't it a pain when you've pre-ordered a digital copy of the game and it gets to release date and then you have to wait while you download the game before you can play. Well now the Xbox One supports Pre-loading starting with the release of Madden 15, you will be able to download the game once purchased and an unlock code will be sent to you once the release date is reached. This means you can get straight into the action and you can avoid server overloads when everyone tries to download the game at the same time.

This also allows for more interesting ideas such as trial periods like 24 hour free play before release, which can then be shut off again pending the true release date, it may also open the door to premium downloads which may allow you to unlock the game before anyone else. The Call of Duty Franchise is experimenting with this now by allowing people who pre-order the game to collect there hard copy 24 hours before it goes on general sale.

Sony's PS4 has had the pre-loading capability built in since June.