Microsoft has announced a UK specific price drop to come soon, they have said that the price of the Xbox One console without the Kinect sensor would be dropped to £330 in the UK. This could see some consoles sold for closer to £300 with stores adding there own discounts on top of this price cut.

The Discount has come to support then new games due for release such as Forza Horizon 2, Halo MasterCheif Collection and Sunset Overdrive. Also the price will try to gain further ground on the PS4 whose UK sales easily surpassed that of the Xbox One with help from its lower price point on release.

Expect to see the price drop in stores very shortly. We have seen Simply Games offer the Xbox One with FIFA 15 for £329.99 today. FIFA 15 is going to be selling for around £45 so this is a great deal if your looking to purchase an Xbox One.