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Solid State Hybrid Drives

The rise of SSD (Solid State drive) has been rapid to say the least in the least couple of years, the cost per GB of storage has been reduced and new high end systems for sale certainly contain an SSD of some description in order to reduce boot times and give faster access to applications and operating system functions. They are not however still any where near as cheap as the traditional hard drive. This by comparison, laboring piece of technology still has a major role in computing, its relatively cheap and still offers a bulk storage that cant be matched by the Solid State Drive.

Enter the SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) this is a hybrid drive because its a bit of both, part hard disk drive part solid state drive. Giving you the bulk storage you need as well as the space to put an operating system and other applications in the fast part of the SSD automatically. And there is only a need to have one device, which is especially useful for laptop manufacturers where space and weight is important.

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