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The August update for the Xbox One is rolling out now, these are the major updates that will be seen when your console has completed the update.

There has been a major update to the activity feed that you see from what your friends are up to. In true Facebook style you can now comment on their achievements and like the posts that appear on the activity feed. You can set the Xbxox to notify you if anyone likes or makes a comment on your posts and allows you to respond.
You can even share your recorded game clips and much more with your friends online. The activity feed works alongside Smartglass so you can make posts or comment on the activity feed from your tablet device as well as from your Xbox One.

Smartglass can now be used to make purchases online, you can purchase games and add-on content from the xbox store and have your Xbox One console download them as soon as the purchase is complete. Buy a game in the morning when your on your break at work and the game could be ready to play when you get home in the evening. Your Xbox One is required have take updates automatically enabled for this to work instantly.

The Blu-ray player inside the Xbox one has now had a 3D update allow 3D movies to be played on your console.

A simply but useful update that has been a long time comming is a low battery notification on screen if your controller is running out of juice, something that probably should of been there from the start but its here now and it gives you the oppertunity to get charging that controller before it runs out at an in-oppotune moment.