Getting to the top end of Googles search resulted is a never ending task for webmasters of business and hobby sites, as the rules change with what the people of google expect and the majority of the time they dont tell you what it is they are looking for (to the stop the system being taken advantage of). However at times Google will admit to a certain portion of their ranking algorithm. They always said that good quality content will give you the best ranking, they also said that you should spam other sites with links to yours. Today they have admited to one other area of the ranking algorithm, and that is the fact that they will start to favour sites which are sending data with encryption. Basically sites with HTTPS at the start of there web address and not just HTTP. This change is to be done gradually with only a small ranking weight being put on the secure sites for now to give webmasters time to change. But Google have said that over time the ranking weight may be turned up giving more preference to the encrypted sites.

So it seems that google is once again asking webmasters to bend to there will and if you dont comply then you will find yourself buried under the pile of results in the google search index.