Killzone shadowfall like many games has been marketed as a full HD 1080P game. It seems however that the game does not run in a native 1080p mode during the multiplayer game. While for many this is not such a big issue and for others a minor annoyance, a California resident Mr Douglas Ladore has decided to take the issue to the courts and has sued Sony for "deceptive marketing". The trouble comes from the way in which the game produces its 1080P resolution in multiplayer mode. In the single player game full HD textures are pulled and rendered as you would expect. but because the multiplayer game is more demanding on the console and its processors a decision was made to use what is being decsribed as a techncal shortcut in order to get a full HD image. The idea being that a lower resolution texture is used and reprojected to get a better looking full HD image. The difference is barely noticable it has to be said but the lawsuit is about the way it was marketed.

So do you agree with this lawsuit? are you that bothered by the way in which your image is produced or are you just happy to have a great looking game. Maybe this type of lawsuit is good to keep big companies in line so they do not decieve the public or maybe its someone just trying to earn a few dollars out of a simple mistake.