The Selfie, the number one most annoying thing to happen to social media. Everyone loves to take them nobody wants to look at them so there is no real point. A picture of yourself with a slither of background for people to decide what the photo is all about and why you took it, not the greatest idea in the world. But now there is an app that could help the situation a little. Frontback is an app that adds a little context to your selfie, with Frontback when you take your selfie with the front camera the app also takes a photo with the rear camera and puts the images together to show a little of the surrounding area.

Take a picture of yourself in a historic location or at a special party and everyone can see not only you (again) but the rest of the surrounding area as well. So now they know why you are taking the pictures. This wont be the answer to resolving the annoying Selfie but it might make them a little more bearable as they flood your social network pages.

Get Frontback for free from the Google Play store